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Swami Parameshwarananda
Unleashing Abundance in Our Lives



Paramacharya Swami Parameshwarananda


Abundance is always within us, around us.  How do we open to this fountain of prosperity, access it, free it, manifest it in our lives?

The first step is gaining a true understanding of what "abundance" actually means, of the different aspects of abundance that lead us to develop a new and powerful perspective of ourselves and our world so that abundance flows freely in our everyday life.

Abundance is:

  • the fullness, wholeness, totality of all that exists for us, what we can also call the Divine that is eternal and ever-present, the Self, Spirit within us that has no limitation, no restriction, meaning all of the dimensions of who we actually are in our essence.
  • the constant "supply" that we can tap into, call upon, manifest, the supply that is waiting for us to recognize the limitlessness of its resources, as it is the One Supply that is Source.
  • the free movement and exchange of energy that we are, that the universe is, that unified field of all possibilities here for us to have, experience, realize, BE.
  • the Great Intelligence we can access when in alignment through which we receive information that informs our ideas, actions and decisions.
  • not just about money and wealth as many think.  Abundance encompasses all domains of our life, the possibilities available for our health, our relationships, our career, our society, our planet.
  • related to our dharma, our life's purpose, the achievement of our vision for ourselves, our goals, what we value in life and wish to manifest.

Consider these aspects of abundance and enrich yourself with what abundance means to you.  Thus, you shift your perspective to one that opens the possibilities of abundance for you, frees what is already free but has been limited in the past by how you think about it, what you feel about it (e.g., fear of not having it or losing it, thinking it is something you must struggle to achieve, feeling you are not worthy enough to receive it).

What else can we do to realize abundance in our lives, to be creators of abundance? 


As abundance is energy, as we are energy, as all is energy, we can continue to shift our thoughts and feelings, we can speak certain words to ourselves and others, we can take specific actions to be aligned with, to attract, to express, to manifest energies of abundance.

  • Create an intention within yourself that abundance be present in a certain aspect of your life that is a high priority for you at this moment.  An important first step is to be clear about your intention, exactly what you wish to manifest in your life.  An example might be that clients come to you who you can serve.  Visualize these clients coming to you, what your interaction looks like, how it feels, create this reality within you as an energy that radiates throughout you and out to the universe.  Remember to create this intention and to let go of the outcome, to release any attachment or expectation.  Through the Law of Attraction, the intention then draws the energy to you for manifestation to take place. 
  • Compared to an intention of what you wish to manifest, of something being present in your life and drawing it to you, make declarations of abundance, powerful statements that create the abundance in the moment of speaking the declaration to yourself or others.  One form of declaration is affirmation, such as I Am Divine Abundance in Manifestation in Action, I Am the Unlimited Supply of Source, I Am abundant in my relationship to my partner.   These declarations, affirmations, are linguistic acts where we give ourselves authority to declare and create immediately what happens or exists in our lives.
  • To create abundance, make requests of others or make offers to others that represent this abundance.  When the other person accepts the request or offer, there is agreement, and "agreement leads to manifestation".  Remember, clarity is a key first step: what abundance do we wish to create?  We then reach agreements with others that will manifest this abundance (again, this can be in our relationships, career, health, wealth, etc.).  These agreements lead to actions associated with the abundance we wish to create.
  • We can shift limiting thoughts and feelings, internal patterns or habits of behavior that represent obstacles to abundance appearing in our lives.  In addition, we can use specific practices of purification and release (e.g., the Brain Illumination Method, Sai Maa Diksha, the Violet Consuming Flame).  These transformational practices create space within and around us that the abundance can fill; they move us into coherence with that supply of Source within us.
  • A very powerful way to create abundance in our lives is through gratitude.  We can call this a perspective we take about life, a feeling that comes from the heart, a constant state we can be in relative to life in general.  Gratitude is open-heartedness, appreciating what we have and experience in our life, what life offers us in each moment.  The highest form of gratitude does not have judgment in it of good or bad, better or worse, we are simply grateful (of course, this is not the common form of gratitude where we are grateful for a specific outcome or something we wanted and received).  True enduring gratitude is inherent in Sai Maa's exclamation, "God loves me!"
  • When we are grateful with all our heart, we tap into and express, we are that Divine Love that resides in our heart.  We know that we are accepted and loved, and we become that love, we realize ourselves as that love, the love of Self where we are much more than our body, our identity, our past.  When we are present in that love, as that love, we are abundance itself because abundance is Source and Source is Love.  By being present, we are fully in each moment where abundance truly exists; we appreciate the fullness of life, we love life.
  • Yes, we are all one in this abundance as Self, as Source, as Love.  Let us serve each other in our family, at work, in our community, in society, across the planet, by radiating and spreading abundance as waves, as a movement of free, unlimited energy.  This is generosity of spirit, freely expressing this abundance in our lives, in our relationships, sharing the limitless resources and supply, the endless possibilities of what we can manifest individually and collectively.  We do not guard or hold onto the abundance that manifests in our lives: no attachment, separation of mine/yours, win/lose.  We are victorious in our resource-fullness, realizing the abundance of Source within and among us in our oneness. 

The above points do not speak to everything that can be said about abundance and how to create it in our lives.  Simply use these to experiment, explore, play and create.  Remember that abundance is present in each instant, always ready to serve us.  It is up to us to unleash its power to transform our life experience and radically impact what we manifest during our precious time on this planet.


*Published in "The Society: An International Journey of Social Sciences," Summer 2010.


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