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Coherence and Creation: A Transformational Model




Paramacharya Swami Parameshwarananda

What is the purpose of writing about "coherence" and "creation"?  By describing these distinctions and their interrelationship, we can form a new perspective about ourselves.  We become more capable of transforming ourselves and the world, and we more powerfully fulfill the purpose for which we incarnated on this planet.  We will return to this purpose and the benefits of practicing the coherence-creation relationship.  First let us gain more clarity about what we mean by coherence and creation.

Different Definitions  and Descriptors of "Coherence"

Coherence can mean logically or aesthetically ordered or integrated.  It can be defined as understandable or having clarity.  It can be understood as in alignment, in resonance, in harmony or accord or agreement with.  These definitions can apply to information, signals, vibration, energy, states of being.  For example, two waves are said to be coherent if they have a constant relative phase or difference in phase; they have the same frequency as with coherent light.

What are ways to describe coherence so we understand what it is, and how we can actually move into coherence ourselves?  Coherence is like a radio tuning into the right wavelength so that the proper signal is received and transmitted.  Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi has spoken about coherence and signals:  With the very high vibration of transformative energy coming to the planet, signals in our physical and subtle bodies can resonate with incoming signals from multiple dimensions when we are in coherence with these signals.  In this state, local and non-local energy waves are in a coherent field or "zero point"; signals are aligned and create a clear, creative healing field. 

Coherence is like the "clicking in" of a seat belt, when you align the two parts and they fit together, function as a whole.  Coherence is a railroad switch on a train track, where linked rails move laterally into place so that the train moves in the right direction, along the correct path to get to its destination without diversion.  Coherence can be understood as being in agreement, in accord, as a "yes" in thoughts, feelings, actions, energy.  Being in coherence is being "in resonance", resonating vibrationally in intention and thought, attracting signals, information, frequencies of the same resonance.  Sai Maa speaks about resonance being created through thought forms, so that when we change the way we think we interact with different fields.

 Being in coherence as a person can be referred to as a state of being.  What are some of the characteristics of a state of coherence for us to recognize within ourselves?  When we are coherent, we are centered, we have stronger focus and greater clarity.  We are stable, balanced and harmonious.  We are not swayed by our external surroundings or daily challenges in life.  We are in the present, spontaneous, "in the flow".   Ideas come to us freely without "figuring out" answers to problems.  We have a "knowingness".   We are and feel more powerful as we access other dimensions of ourselves and information previously not available to us.  We feel peace, love, gratitude, joy, oneness. 

"Creation", Being a Creator

For the sake of this article, creation will be defined from two perspectives.  One is the perspective of manifestation.  Through creation, in creating, we bring into existence something new, such as new ideas, new forms, new states of being, new lives for ourselves and others.  Creativity is the power to create, to invest with a new form, a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts.

A second perspective is "Creation" with a capital "C" as the Source from which all originates.  We may call this "Love", "Life" or "Self," "Spirit", "Presence", "God".  We will see how when we are coherent with Creation, we are able to create, generate, bring into form, manifest, because this is our natural state as we are always one with Creation.  We move out of coherence, however, and are unable to access and manifest as Creation, due to where we focus our attention, how we identify ourselves and what is important to us, what we place in our minds. 

Sai Maa speaks about our birthright, the current necessity of our being one with Source as creator:  "We are coming to an end of a cycle for another cycle, we are coming out of duality.  It is a great time to create, co-create, to live a life of integrity, integration with Self, to build a foundation, a structure with Self, instead of living in negative energies where nothing is possible.  We cannot do this.   It is time to live with the principle of Beingness as the only reality.  Beingness with Source.  That is what is being requested, required, for the human family, to live in that Purity, to come out of distortion where we hold on constantly to 'that is all I can do'".  (Conference call, February 2009)

The Coherence-Creation Relationship

Why relate coherence and creation?  We are destined on this plane to transform.  We are to realize and align with who we truly are.  We are to purify, re-focus and shift from what no longer serves us in this incarnation.  In this coherent state of being, we are to create and serve in every moment. 

Humanity In Unity, the non-profit organization founded by Sai Maa, is offering Wisdom Teachings Programs that share the teachings of Sai Maa and of masters and traditions from the East and West communicated over centuries of time.  This wisdom enables us to come to a greater realization of all the dimensions we always are within ourselves, and to be masters and creators now.  This is "practical spirituality": we learn and apply teachings, principles, practices and tools to be better people, to transform ourselves and to serve powerfully in the world.  By practicing coherence with Creation, we become more aware, we appreciate, take ownership of and realize our power.  We become passionate about and more skilled in embodying and expressing our dynamic creative energy (Shakti).  We see ourselves as a movement of energy that impacts our lives and humanity at large.

In the wisdom teachings, we address three main areas, covering answers to the questions of "Who am I?" and "How it is that I suffer?", and principles, practices and tools related to realizing "We are creators of our life experience, and we can re-create our lives".  In our lives, we do not fully realize who we truly are.  We create obstacles and veils to this realization through our thoughts, emotions and actions.  We suffer by feeling separate.  We focus upon, attach ourselves to, the illusion and distractions of the external world, to what we feel we miss and can only find outside of ourselves.  Learning about coherence and creation enables us to make changes within ourselves to realize we are creators and to re-create our lives.

Here are some passages that highlight the value of remembering we are creators, of being coherent with that ever-present inner power, and creating from this state:

"You provide the lamp for the light, the channel for the expression, the vehicle for the manifestation ... the Power can work for you as it can work through you.  So what is your role in the scheme of things?  To maintain a consciousness of one accord with the Spiritual Self — to agree with the Principles of the Higher Vibration." (Price, p. 38)

"Light within you and me is the form-building energy of all manifestation!  By tuning into the vibration of the Divine Self and then by using our minds as radiating centers, we literally create a force field that begins to work on the etheric level to transmute negative energy and reveal the Reality that has always been behind the illusion." (Price, p. 134)

 "This same coherence is creating a vast creativity.  The moment there is that field, it ennobles us, we have the potential to have this great vortex as healing in our field, creating miracles.  A miracle comes from the place where we realize our healing is happening as well as the separateness is being dissolved. ... Activating this living system, body, as a template of total coherence.  We are creating, as a creator, within the living systems ... In that source from the core of our being, we capture these waves of pure alignment, and create of our living system a symphony where everything is in alignment. ... The fact that we consider we can align our living system in order and coherence with all our higher selves, we can restore our health.  The infinite possibilities of realization of our physical local being:  the moment we move into the realities of our coherent field we are totally healed. ... Engage yourself in that coherence, in a proper vibratory rate for the coherence of the signal you wish to receive in your living system."   (Sai Maa conference call, August 2008)

This way of looking at coherence and creation provides us with a model, a new perspective representing a shift in our mindset on how we see ourselves, the world and our power to transform and create.  These are new "distinctions" that stand out for us in our mind, that enable us to distinguish new ways of being in the world, of acting, of expressing, thinking, feeling.

How to Be in Coherence

The focus of this article is on principles and practices for being coherent, in coherence, including: where we place our attention; what we put in the mind; how we use the mind to align ourselves with Creation and create from this alignment; what new thoughts we create that empower us for transformation. 

When we examine the different kinds of practices and tools that serve our transformation, we can categorize them to assist us in understanding, organizing, choosing and applying them.   Although these categories are interrelated, and some examples can be seen in more than one category, transformational practices can be primarily classified as:

(1) purification/cleansing/release (e.g., use of the Violet Flame, Release Technique, Brain Illumination Meditation, Pure Light Blessings, guided light work);

(2) strength/harmony/health (e.g., centering, nutrition, exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, rest and relaxation, use of health care services);

(3) mind/focus/attention (e.g., meditation, breath, affirmation, intention, imagination, mantras, devotion, prayer). 

Many of these have been discussed in previous articles written by this author for this journal ("Energetic Empowerment: Transforming Ourselves and the Planet", Vol. 7, July 2008; "Serving by Caring for Our Health", Vol. 8, December 2008).  Purification practices lead to a higher vibrational state of being that promotes coherence and alignment with Creation.  Greater strength and health facilitate coherence as the physical and subtle bodies are more balanced and aligned, in a state to attract, hold and sustain higher frequencies.  The coherence practices in this article pertain to the third category, where we shift what we think and say to ourselves, where we focus the mind.   In addition to what we transform within the mind, we will cover here what we say to others, how we co-create with others through conversation from a new perspective.  We will also apply this new way of thinking to how we see and work differently with community and society at large.

A Time for New Thoughts

Sai Maa informs us, "the wisdom teachings reveal the right use of energy".  As we are all energy, we can raise our vibration, send out and receive new information and signals of higher frequency that are coherent and aligned with our higher selves.  We are a movement of waves, always in the flow and able to access and use powerful energies.  Our thoughts allow us to realize this free flow of energy that serves us and all humanity.  John Randolph Price writes about the importance and power of our thoughts: "... everything seen and unseen is energy in motion, and this energy of everything is controlled by thought.  The consciousness of the individual is the transmitter of energy and the directing force that destroys or creates form and experience." (p. 132)

We can change our thoughts, re-create ourselves immediately, right here and right now.  It has been said before, and Sai Maa speaks about this now to focus our daily spiritual practice and transformational work:  "It's all in the mind".  The mind is not bad and does not cause suffering on its own.  It is what we put in the mind that lowers our vibration, creates obstacles in our path, slows down our evolution.  There is no time to waste, to spend in processing, with the powerful energies coming to the planet necessitating that we raise our vibration and transform quickly in line with the speed of planetary transformation. 

As Sai Maa says: "More and more of you will have to shift dimension from this domain, this plane, to a higher and faster vibration frequency while you live in this body.  Because your cells will have to move faster. ... So raise your frequency.  The more you can raise your frequency with conscious thoughts, a refinement, until you move into that coherent place, this is where you meet me. ... What I wish to see more is movement.  Because you see, the whole creation is a movement ... Just move on, just be this movement in the whole creation, that is all I request from you.  And that in your everyday life." (Discourse, February 19, 2009)

Meditation is a major transformative practice that can take different forms.  It is best defined as taking the time to go within, to be in stillness.  In this way, we re-discover and re-unite with our true Self, the Spirit always present inside us, and we live as this in each moment.  To be coherent with this eternal inner Presence, we breathe, focus our attention, devote ourselves to that highest aspect of who we are.  In order to do this, we are to have the understanding, trust, faith and finally knowingness that all of these dimensions of ourselves are to be found within us. 

Teachings provide us with ways to understand, picture, feel and experience this Presence.  When we go within and direct our thoughts to this Higher Self, our feelings of love and devotion magnify our alignment.  The more coherent our state, the higher the frequency of our vibration.  Dialoguing with our true Self enables us to merge, empowering our self-healing and transformation.  Sai Maa writes about aligning with our Supreme Self in meditation and in everyday life with our thoughts, feelings, words and actions: "Choosing every thought, every word, and every breath is higher than any ritual. ... Allow your choices to come directly from the I AM.  Imagine that each feeling, each word is a blessing for humanity and the planet.  ... You are to remember that you are the Creator, to respect every decision, every word that you say." (pp. 78-79)

In recognizing that we are creators, we constantly re-focus and master our thoughts so they are pure, meaning they are free of judgment, of ego and personality, of senses and lower emotions.  They reflect the purity of Self, the pure thoughts of Universal Mind.  We think as the Masters think.  Our thoughts come from pure love, the sacredness that resides in our heart, and they radiate pure energies of high vibration.  This purity of thought comes through practicing the connection between heart and mind (as Sai Maa says, "thinking with the heart and loving with the mind").  This connection can be reinforced in meditation by breathing in the heart and consciously spreading the love from the heart to the brain, aligning the two, magnifying and sustaining the relationship through breath and intention.

Intention is a powerful tool of the mind for manifestation, when we align with the Self, move into a coherent state of being, and hold an intention in the mind of what we wish to manifest in the world.  When we raise our vibration in meditation, when we breathe naturally and align with eyes open, we radiate a coherent field of energy in which we access and attract what we intend on creating.  Sai Maa writes about intention: "Know your intention, be your own intention.  Open yourself to your divine intention.  Radiate through you the Light of the Creator. ... Radiate this divine intelligence with your Light and your Love, and with your powerful intention allow the glory of the Shakti to shine through you." (p. 80)

The power of the mind related to intention also applies to affirmations.  When we practice affirmation, we attract new energies, transform our state of being, re-create ourselves, by re-focusing our thoughts, superimposing new thoughts.  Through our thoughts and words, we send signals, transmit information, as waves of energy that resonate with aligned energies, coherent information.  For example, we can use affirmations such as, "I AM this full and magnificent Being of Light", "I AM my true Self in manifestation in action", "I AM Coherence with Creation", to align ourselves as a powerful coherent energy field.  Through the Law of Resonance, we attract whatever energies resonate with our frequency. 

Sai Maa describes how this resonance can manifest, transforming our matter:  "creating resonance of the inter-dimensional world, harmonizing the existing systems of fields here, engaging into a superior resonance field, and allowing all information for all higher selves to hit whatever is to be in the matter here, and allowing full rejuvenation to be." (Conference call, August 9, 2008)

New Systems of Thought and Belief

The following are two sources, coming from both ancient teachings and new thought.  They inform our inquiry into coherence and creation, as they highlight for us the thought or belief systems we hold to, the decisions we make, the practices we follow.  We can then consciously choose to transform to be more coherent and to create more powerfully in alignment with Creation.

"A Course in Miracles" specifies how we can shift our way of thinking, how we see ourselves and the world, in order to live as Holy Spirit, to fully express that inner Presence.  Gary Renard offers an excellent summary of the major teachings that Master Jesus brought to humanity.  Described as a "course in mind training", the Course's teachings serve to take apart old ways of thinking, embedded belief systems, in order to remove the barriers we have placed between ourselves and Spirit, God.  In this way, we become more aware of who we really are and live as that.  A core teaching is that the external world is our own projection, a dream.  Everything "out there" has been projected by us so we forget our thoughts of having separated ourselves from God, so we do not feel the guilt that comes from thinking we have separated from Source.

We can benefit from the power of the mind by changing our mind about what we think is true: "Whatever is true is eternal, and cannot change or be changed.  Spirit is therefore unalterable because it is already perfect, but the mind can elect what it chooses to serve.  The only limit put on its choice is that it cannot serve two masters.  If it elects to do so, the mind can become the medium by which spirit creates along the line of its own creation." (Course in Miracles, p. 13)  Other statements about the power of the mind: "Only the mind can create because spirit has already been created and the body is the learning device for the mind." (p. 23) "It is essential to remember that only the mind can create, and that correction belongs at the thought level ... inducing the mind to give up its miscreations is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful." (p. 25)

The Course explains that both the ego and the Holy Spirit are found in every mind, however the Holy Spirit is "drowned out by the ego's voice".  Once we realize the power of our belief that we are separate from God, and that this belief is false, we realize we are projecting false illusory images in order to avoid the guilt we feel because of this believed separation.  This includes the realization we have created the universe and ourselves in it because we are "out of our mind".   Through the practice of forgiveness of others (who are our projections), we forgive ourselves, we replace grievances with love, we choose the thought system of the Holy Spirit that is guided by love.  Thus, we achieve communion with Spirit.  Gary Renard beautifully summarizes moving from the dream state of illusion, separation and guilt, to the reality of Love and Oneness:  "Remember, when you wake up from a dream, the dream disappears.  It will be gone completely.  You will not miss anyone, because everyone you ever knew and loved will be there — because they will be one with you." (p. 402)

Bruce Lipton provides us with a new way of looking at our beliefs, the Biology of Belief, and how transforming our beliefs (changing our mind) creates a new "environment" for us.  This environment facilitates the evolution of our consciousness, and enables us to identify "a new Self" that is even more powerful and of service to humanity.  Environment, created by what we think and believe, impacts the brains of our cells (the cell membranes) through regulatory proteins, which then affect our genes, DNA and RNA.  Lipton describes the membranes as "liquid crystal semiconductors with gates and channels" like a silicon chip.  He highlights the importance of energy fields, explaining that the speed and power of energy signals are greater than that of physical chemical signals.  He describes the relationship of the energetic environment on cells: "the quantum perspective reveals that the universe is an integration of interdependent energy fields that are entangled in a meshwork of interactions ... intercommunication among the physical parts and the energy fields make up the whole ... Cellular constituents are woven into a complex web of crosstalk, feedback and feedforward communication loops." (p. 103)

As Lipton continues, "thought energy" can activate or inhibit the cell's function-producing proteins, affecting our health, functioning and evolution.  The self-conscious mind can influence what happens to our cells and genes, and this is an important source of our transformation.  As Lipton writes, "We have the capacity to consciously evaluate our responses to environmental stimuli and change old responses any time we desire ... once we deal with the powerful subconscious mind." (p. 135)  "In addition to facilitating subconscious habitual programs, the conscious mind also has the power to be spontaneously creative in its responses to environmental stimuli." (p. 169)

Through our thoughts and beliefs, we can overcome the limitations that are programmed into our subconscious that affect our physiology and health.  We can optimize our learning, growth and performance in the world.  In speaking to our identity, Lipton writes that we are made in the image of the environment, that environment being "the Universe, or to many, God".  Our identity is "a complex signature contained within the vast information that collectively comprises the environment" (pp. 190-191).  Therefore, we can change the way we think, what we believe, to generate a new environment with energy fields that redefine our identity, eliminate old patterns and limitations, rejuvenate our physiology, and produce creative responses to what we experience in the world. 

Coherence in Communication

When we align with our Higher Self, are coherent with Source, the energy behind our words and our words themselves come from a place of sacredness, peace, love, purity.  Words are vibrations and waves of energy.  As such, when we are coherent and allow the words to come without censoring or qualifying or analyzing, they are the "right words" for the situation and the listener.  This is also true for those who teach: when teachers are aligned with Self, their words and energy come through as they are vehicles of Spirit, Great Intelligence, innate wisdom.  When we speak in coherence to friends or family or those with whom we are in relationship, we speak with clarity, power, authenticity, truth.  As a result, we build our relationships, resolve interpersonal issues and co-create more powerfully.

How does coherence apply to communication in groups?  David Bohm provides a way to understand coherence in group settings through the group practice of "dialogue".  He describes dialogue as a "stream of meaning" flowing among, through and between those involved in the group communication, out of which a new understanding can emerge.  The dialogue method provides the means by which people think and create together in a new way, a coherent and creative way.  Bohm compares coherence to a laser and then applies this to the power of thinking and communicating in groups: 

"Ordinary light is called 'incoherent,' which means that it is going in all sorts of directions, and the light waves are not in phase with each other so they don't build up.  But a laser produces a very intense beam which is coherent.  The light waves build up strength because they are all going in the same direction.  This beam can do all sorts of things that ordinary light cannot. ... Now, you could say that our ordinary thought in society is incoherent — it is going in all sorts of directions, with thoughts conflicting and cancelling each other out.  But if people were to think together in a coherent way, it would have tremendous power.  That's the suggestion.  If we have a dialogue situation — a group which has sustained dialogue for quite a while in which people get to know each other, and so on — then we might have a coherent movement of thought, a coherent movement of communication, it would be coherent not only at the level we recognize, but at the tacit level, at the level for which we have only a vague feeling. ... Thought is emerging from the tacit ground, and any fundamental change in thought will come from the tacit ground." (pp. 15-16)

Dialogue focuses upon the group's thought process.  The group examines thoughts behind assumptions, suspends assumptions by not carrying them out and not suppressing them, looks at different perspectives, judgments and reactions.  The group has no goals or outcomes to achieve.  Everyone can listen fully, speak directly to one another across the circle, develop trust over time, and realize what is "on each other's minds", without coming to conclusions or trying to change opinions.  The group observes, gives attention to the thought process, how it happens, its incoherence, when it is and isn't working, what to do with conflict, noticing the results of people thinking together.  Bohm calls this "participatory consciousness": everyone is looking at everything together so the content of the consciousness is essentially the same, meaning it is seen together and "common mind" arises.

The dialogue process in its purest sense pertains to the same group communicating in this way over time, using certain guidelines.  We can also apply some of these tools to conversations we have with others where we suspend our assumptions, listen fully, speak authentically and directly, do not focus on immediate outcomes, as we remain aligned with the highest of who we are.  In this way, we commune with Spirit individually and collectively, and merge in a state of coherence and oneness that empowers us to create together.  We receive and transmit words and energy in this new creation.

Remember, we defined coherence earlier as being in agreement.  Sai Maa speaks about the importance of direct communication where we speak openly and honestly to one another and reach agreement, where agreement turns into manifestation (as Master Jesus said).  We are to stay open to agreement so we constantly recreate, realizing that much is changing and new agreements are of necessity.  We are to be clear and concise in our communications.  We are to be aware of what happens when agreements are not met in terms of consequences.  We are to create with coherence, with law, and reinvent our relationships, as we teach and support one another. (Conference call, February 2009)

Coherence in Community/Society

When we are in coherence with Spirit, within and among ourselves in communities and in society, we are able to manifest the highest of who we are.  We access the multiple dimensions of who we are individually and collectively.  We activate, attract and radiate waves of energy, signals of information, that serve the planet at a profound level due to our collective creative power that is coherent as a laser.  Agreement between large numbers of people, for example through collective alignment and intention, leads to accelerated and broader transformation.  Let us all apply what we are learning about being in alignment with Self and reinventing ourselves, in order to serve those communities in which we are members, the society in which we live, the entire planet we inhabit.

Sai Maa speaks to the value we can have for society and its transformation into the new Golden Age:  "What am I doing for society?  What am I doing for the human family?  Are you coming out of selfishness?  Are you coming out of lowly bondage?  Are you transcending the limitation into the Presence, the I AM that you are and building a new society?  Heal the society with your love.  Restore knowledge, wisdom, strengthen your humanness with pure Divine Love, the purity of your very own Self.  Raise your vibration.  This is fulfillment.  When you receive transformation, use that grace to transform other people's lives." (Conference call, February 2009)

When we are coherent with Self, we discover common meaning, we access and share innate truth that we all have as one.  We create and reinvent from this wisdom.  This is coherence as creation, communion as agreement and manifestation.  Bohm writes about societal coherence and communion:

"I'm saying that it is necessary to share meaning.  A society is a link of relationships among people and institutions, so that we can live together.  But it only works if we have a culture — which implies that we share meaning, i.e., significance, purpose, and value.  Otherwise it falls apart.  Our society is incoherent, and doesn't do that very well; it hasn't for a long time, if it ever did.  The different assumptions that people have are tacitly affecting the whole meaning of what we are doing." (p. 22) 

"I'm suggesting that there is the possibility for a transformation of the nature of consciousness, both individually and collectively, and that whether this can be solved culturally and socially depends on dialogue. ... if we can really communicate, then we will have fellowship, participation, friendship, and love, growing and growing. ... And perhaps in dialogue, when we have this very high energy of coherence, it might bring us beyond just being a group that could solve social problems.  Possibly it could make a new change in the individual and a change in the relation to the cosmic.  Such an energy has been called 'communion.'" (p. 54)

It is up to us to contemplate and determine if and how we are contributing to community and society.  What we can do within ourselves and in relationship with others, to enrich our contribution, increase our creativity, and manifest what we wish to see for ourselves and the planet?  Through our own coherence, are we radiating energy, giving off signals, transmitting information that serve?  Are we creating, reinventing, reaching new agreements, through our alignment with our truth and all of our dimensions, through our words and communication with others, through our co-creative involvement with our communities and society?

One example of contribution in the context of family is "conscious parenting", addressed by Bruce Lipton as a powerful way to affect children's cells and transformation.  Parents can create a nurturing environment before and after birth that activates the genes that develop healthy brains.  Children are more susceptible to subconscious programming, so that thoughts and beliefs communicated to them verbally or nonverbally affect their system.  Children learn from their parents, and this learning forms their subconscious mind as "fundamentally hardwired stimulus-response behaviors".  We can expand this to say that in any of our relationships, as citizens on the planet, our thoughts, beliefs and words program our families, community members, society.  Through "conscious coherence and creation", we ensure that a new powerful environment is created, that subconscious programming is healthy and constructive, that collective agreement leads to manifestation of what serves the greater good.

Bruce Lipton sums up the impact on our civilization of "like-mindedness", of coherence as Love:

"I believe that the stresses of the increasing human population will be responsible for pushing us up another rung on the evolutionary ladder.  We will, I believe, come together in a global community.  The members of that enlightened community will recognize that we are made in the image of our environment, i.e., that we are divine and that we have to operate, not in a survival of the fittest manner, but in a way that supports everyone and everything on this planet." (p. 199)  "Join communities of like-minded people who are working toward advancing human civilization by realizing that Survival of the Most Loving is the only ethic that will ensure not only a healthy personal life but also a healthy planet." (pp. 201-202)

Practicing Coherence and Creation

Let us conclude by devoting some time to practice moving into coherence, to create in service to ourselves and humanity:

Breathe naturally and move into deep stillness within.  With your breath, focus and breathe in the heart.  Using your intention, the power of mind and imagination, align consciously with whatever you call the highest of who you are: Self, Presence, Love, Truth, Source.  Realize this alignment, this coherence, as a coming together, re-union, natural communion.  Create a loving inner dialogue that increases and sustains this alignment.  Allow yourself to be a movement of coherent waves of energy, a transmission of information signals, flowing from your heart throughout your entire physical body.  Now move the energy to penetrate the mind located in the brain, expanding it there and moving it up to the higher realms above the head.  Express your love and be grateful for this expansion, this realization, this transformation of your state of being. 

Realize that you can create from this state, that you are a creator who is one with Source, empowered now and always to invent and manifest in accord with Creation.  Visualize any family members, friends, colleagues, community members.  Say within yourself what you wish to say to them from the love in your heart, the purity of your mind, this coherent state of being One with Source.  Now devote your entire being to expand and contribute to all of society, to the entire planet.  You are a "coherent creator" aligned with Self and Creation.  Create with this inner power, as a global citizen, radiating and serving all of humanity as the Love and Light of Source.  Take a deep breath and expand this contribution even more.  Finally, appreciate this moment and be grateful for your incarnation at this important time of transformation on the planet, when so many powerful energies are available to all of us.  Now is the time to fulfill our purpose by realizing ourselves, by creating and manifesting together a new humanity, a healthy and vibrant planet.



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