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Paramacharya Swami Parameshwarananda

A Powerful Context for Improving Our Health

We all know about the importance of our health.  Television commercials remind us of our appearance, show us beautiful people looking in mirrors, using health and beauty products, trying on fashionable clothes, using exercise equipment to build the body.   For years we have focused on how we look for ourselves and for others.  What if we now shift our focus and view our health from a different angle? 

Let us see our health, and every action we take to improve it, as a way to be strong, vital, well equipped to live our life more powerfully and creatively, to embody and manifest qualities that demonstrate our joy and gratitude for life, our "joie-de-vivre".  Let us commit to our own health, and enrich and expand this commitment by seeing our improved health as a way to serve and impact humanity and the health of the planet.  In caring for ourselves, let us learn to encourage others to do the same, to treat others as we are treating ourselves, to radiate our healthy state in our interactions. 

In order to set a context within which to describe various practices and tools for our improved health, I offer an acronym that reminds us of key distinctions when we think about our health.  As I am writing this during Navaratri, the celebration of Mother Divine, it is no coincidence that the acronym that quickly appeared to me is "HERS" which stands for "Healthy, Energized, Rejuvenated, Self".  By associating caring for our health with HERS, we devote ourselves to Mother who gives birth to us and our physical form, to the one who nurtures and cares for us, who ensures our well being.  We merge and become Mother, that Feminine Principle, as we care for ourselves, for our health on physical and subtle levels. We walk on Mother Earth and transmit that health to the planet.

Healthy:  Accessing the natural intelligence of the body, achieving the healthy functioning of the body, of all the organs, glands, tissues, muscles, bones, blood, down to the cells, molecules, atoms, DNA/RNA.  This includes health on the subtle levels, in subtle energy channels and bodies, and the interrelatedness of physical/subtle with the mental, emotional, spiritual levels, and thereby the overall quality of our life.

Energized:  I devoted my last article in this journal to the topic of energy ("Energetic Empowerment: Transforming Ourselves and the Planet", Volume 7, July 2008).  We are energy, and everything is energy. Energy comes from the Greek meaning "active" or "working".  Energy is the capacity to produce change or transformation.   Energy at the most fundamental level is comprised of photons of light and information, and it enables us and everything to exist, to live, to function. 

When we are energized we are full of energy of higher frequency, we manifest a greater capacity to transform, our photons are spinning faster and new information is created that expands us and our manifestation.  As humans we have physical energies, and also subtle energies that enter and surround our physical form and affect our physicality.  When we are energized, these energies are nourished (e.g., by food we eat, prana or life force we breathe, the sun's rays we take in as light energy) serving our self-healing and transformation.  An example of subtle energy is "Shakti" which is dynamic creative energy that has been programmed to behave intelligently, and when we are energized this Shakti is activated and knows just how to serve us to act and create powerfully in the world.

Rejuvenated:  We actually become younger, our cells are replaced with "younger" and more vital cells, we reverse the aging process.  We have a "fountain of youth" within us waiting to be activated, that overflows when we know how to care for ourselves, when we employ powerful practices and tools for our health.  We can speak to ourselves, and our thoughts, intentions, affirmations, beliefs about ourselves and our health, affect our cells, the cell membrane which is the "brain of the cell", impacting our physical age.  With nourishment, increased vitality, renewed energy, we rejuvenate.

Self:  In this totality of being healthy, energized and rejuvenated, we are the embodiment of our true Self, we are in harmony, whole, empowered, the highest and most powerful in our manifestation on this planet.  We are living fully as Self.  We are the divine alchemy of human and divine through our health and well being. 

It is our obligation to care for the physical vehicle within which we have incarnated so that we can live as Spirit, manifesting all of the associated divine attributes throughout our daily life.  At the same time that we strengthen, heal and transform the physical body (and subtle forms), let us also realize that we are not this body, or these bodies.  However,  through our physical manifestation, we are able to realize the truth of who we are, as Soul, as Spirit, as Self.  Lord Krishna describes this to Arjuna: 

"Just as boyhood, youth and old age are attributed to the soul through this body, even so it attains another body.  The wise man does not get deluded about this. ... The soul is never born, nor it ever dies; nor does it become after being born.  For it is unborn, eternal, everlasting and primeval; even though the body is slain, the soul is not. ... As a man shedding worn-out garments, takes other new ones, likewise, the embodied soul, casting off worn-out bodies, enters into others that are new. ... before birth beings are not manifest to our human senses; on death they return to the unmanifest again.  They are manifest only in the interim between birth and death."  (Srimad Bhagavadgita, pp. 28-33)

Useful Practices and Tools Supporting Our Health

Our Overall Approach

We can use different methods to realize greater health as part of our "sadhana" or daily spiritual practice.  First, let us remember to be joyful, to carry out practices that resonate, that feel right for us now, without overloading and creating too much "work" for ourselves, still having focus and discipline.  We can change our practices while remaining with them for a long enough period to appreciate and benefit from them.  Some practices are enduring and continuous, such as how we eat, what we drink, our environment and the air we breathe, our hygiene, and rest and relaxation with exercise.

Contemplate the time of the day that is best for different practices, for example, early morning when we rise can be powerful for breathing exercises, for meditating, bringing in the life force that can serve us throughout the day.  Physical exercise can serve in the morning to invigorate us for the day ahead, or after a day's work to release and reinvigorate us.  Of course, the benefits of conscious breathing are constant throughout the day, while taking time for a walk or a rest period also energizes us.  When resting the body at night, everyone can benefit from taking some time to be in gratitude for being alive in physical form, for what has been learned, realized or accomplished during the day, and to devote a few moments to meditate and merge with Self, Spirit, Source through the breath.

In carrying out practices, we can also benefit from having support from friends who join us, from teachers, advisors, practitioners, from a certain type of facility in a specific environment, from informational resources that we can read and refer to in order to become more aware.  Studying and educating ourselves results in more effective decisions to take further action.

Specific Choices We Can Made

  • The Power of Declaration:  As a critical first step in improving our health, we declare our intention, our focus, our commitment to our health.  For example, we can write down what this looks like, how we will express this, our vision for our health.   Energetically we can make an affirmation which is a declaration of who we are which represents the foundation for our actions and creates our new reality:  "I AM Perfect Health in Manifestation in Action", I AM Divine Rejuvenation", "I AM Strength and Vitality in Manifestation" (whatever we follow "I AM" with we manifest).  Declaration brings power to our choices and the actions we take.
  • In focusing upon the state of our current health, and determining what specifically is to be improved and how this will happen, it serves us to be more informed.  First, we can learn more about the body and our anatomy, especially those areas where we wish to concentrate our attention.  These can include: the functions of different organs and glands or the endocrine system; the workings of other internal systems such as respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urinary; the parts and operations of the brain and nervous system; information about the skeletal and muscular systems; the five senses; and down to the functioning of the cells, molecules, atoms and the sub-atomic level.  We can learn about the subtle energy channels and bodies (chakras, nadis, meridians, marmas, interconnected layers of our aura), and the relationships between the physical and subtle where, for example, our physicality is affected by the state of our subtle bodies and what passes through them to the body.  We also become more informed about what needs to transform when we are honest with ourselves, and face what is "unhealthy" about us and our choices (e.g., smoking, excess drinking or eating, too much sugar, no exercise, pushing ourselves with no rest).  We learn about steps that we can take to remedy this by researching specific practices, tools, teachers, practitioners, facilities available to us, based upon the health outcomes we wish to achieve.
  • The Breath: Conscious breathing is when we concentrate on each breath through the nose and simply follow the inhale and exhale, with our attention and full awareness, naturally without effort (breathing through the nose rather than the mouth brings more oxygen into the lungs).  With the cyclical or continuous breath through the nose, we breathe with no pause between the inhale and exhale, a constant breath. With the "oujai" breath, we breathe through the nose and close the back of the throat slightly as we breathe, making the breath loud, clear and strong, sounding like an ocean wave or when we listen through a seashell. With the yogic three-part breath, we concentrate on three sections of the body as we relax and breathe the oujai breath through the nose, moving with the inhale from the pelvis to the abdomen and then the heart, exhaling fully through the body from the heart to the abdomen and finally releasing through the pelvis. 

There are different types of "pranayama" or "breath control", which brings the vital life force into the body.  Two kinds are described as follows (recommended timing of 5-10 minutes for the first and 3-5 minutes for the second): (1) alternate nostril breathing (Anuloma-Viloma) for cleansing the nadis and producing inner peace, harmony and numerous health benefits, we use our right hand and first close our right nostril with the thumb (holding the other fingers straight up), inhaling slowly and deeply through the left nostril and then exhaling deeply, and we follow this cycle by holding our left nostril with our two middle fingers, inhaling deeply through our right nostril and then exhaling, returning to holding our right nostril once again; (2) with the "breath of fire" pranayama (Agni-Prasana), or fast breathing with abdominal contraction, we concentrate on the exhale through the nose as the stomach goes in, focusing our attention with eyes closed on the third eye or ajna chakra between the two eyebrows, with our tongue on the roof of the mouth, and using a mudra at the same time (e.g., Chin mudra with thumb and index finger of both hands lightly touching and other fingers outstretched, with palms up resting on the knees; or the MahaChin mudra with the thumb placed over the index finger covering the nail, representing the Supreme Self mastering the ego).

  • Meditation:

As Jagatguru Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi writes, "Meditation is a natural state, a real experience that allows you to discover your inner being.  When you sit for meditation, do not do anything.  The feeling of joy comes naturally.  Always start your meditation with an absolute feeling of conviction to cherish your own divine light.  It's a moment when you enter your own being, your own inner heart."      (Petals of Grace, p. 47)

General Meditation: Importantly for our health and well being, we are to sit in stillness during some part(s) of our day, having a discipline when we breathe naturally and enter our own being, paying attention to what is inside of us.  In this way, we still our breath, calm and master our senses, thoughts, emotions, ego, personality, and we move into a natural state where we just "are", moment to moment.  No effort, no trying, no work.  As H.H. Sai Maa says, we allow the meditation to meditate us.  We shift our energy, our vibration, invoking Grace and, as is the purpose of meditation, we experience inner joy, peace, contentment.  As we advance in our practice, our meditation can last throughout our day no matter what we are "doing", as long as we are present, conscious, in a state of beingness, devoted to our inner Self.

One simple yet impactful practice of meditation involves using the breath consciously and combining this with concentration, for example, when we focus on certain areas of the body such as the heart to allow the healing energy of Love to transform us, or the third eye or ajna chakra as a point of stillness for inner peace, or we concentrate on certain affirmations for manifestation in our life, or on the Higher Self or our Presence to fill us for self-healing.  We can do walking meditation when we focus on the breath and concentrate on being present as we take each step on the earth.  We can move the body, allowing the movement to take us into different states of peace, love, Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss).  Another practice is concentrating on a mantra or sacred syllables (sound) that evoke the name of God and energies of divine beings.  These mantras are infused with power and serve to purify us, expand our consciousness, and bring us into a state closer to our true Self.  When we devote ourselves to the mantra and repeat it with total faith and love, we activate the energy of the deity serving us in our transformation.

Guided Meditation:  Yes, meditation is a state of being when we are consciously present, and it can endure throughout the day or it can take place sitting for several minutes in stillness and surrender.  At the same time, it can also be more active, when we guide ourselves or are guided by others.  During these guided meditations we are "Doing the Work", using specific methods or techniques, moving through a sequence or combination of actions within ourselves involving different levels of concentration and visualization.  These meditations purify, illumine, divinize our thoughts, feelings, personality, consciousness, matter.

Special guided meditations include: (1) Working with our seven major chakras or energy vortices, bringing energy and light from the Presence into each of them through concentration and breath (e.g., moving from the crown to the root chakra); or purifying targeted chakras by calling upon the Cosmic Violet Consuming Flame assisted by Saint Germain; or piercing the chakras using "fire breath" pranayama, moving the Kundalini energy up from the root chakra through higher chakras (involving the nadis or energy channels including the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna).  "Healthy" chakras can be seen as open lotus petals of subtle energy spinning faster in a cone shape in front of and behind the corresponding area of the body, more freely allowing healing energy to enter the physical form through associated glands (e.g., ajna chakra with the pituitary, throat chakra with the thyroid).   (2) Unified Chakras Meditation which radiates love and golden light from the heart throughout 15 chakras while uniting them with one another, with our subtle bodies and with other subtle levels including Higher Self, Source and Spirit.  (3) Brain Illumination Meditation (gifted to us by H.H. Sai Maa and described in more detail on the Humanity In Unity website: during which we guide ourselves to illumine and purify our brain (limbic system, lobes, midbrain), our entire physical form through the nervous system and down to the sub-atomic level, our chakras, nadis, meridians and marmas, and all of our subtle bodies (aura), creating a radiant light body that heals and transforms us and the planet.  Finally, two more meditations offered by Sai Maa are: (4) Activating the rejuvenating hormone, releasing it through the glands associated with the seven major chakras, and spreading it throughout the physical and subtle bodies, and (5) Working with the souls of the organs, served by the Violet Flame and the Elohim.

  • Diet and Nutrition:  We could say "we are what we eat", as the food we take into the body impacts our health and daily functioning, whether we are strong and vibrant or have low energy, are susceptible to disease and perhaps become ill.  The field of nutrition studies how what we eat affects our health, such as the state of our stomach and strength of our digestive system, and our ability to absorb nutrients, and what foods and dietary supplements improve our health and prevent disease and deterioration of the body. 

One area for our attention is food combinations, where certain foods take different amounts of time for digestion, or if taken together create fermentation.  For example, it is best not to combine proteins (e.g., nuts, eggs, meats, seafood) with dairy, potato or grains which are carbohydrates and ferment protein, creating greater acidity in us.  It is beneficial to avoid drinking fluids with meals, to eat fruits alone or separated from meals by a certain amount of time and, for optimal digestion, to have smaller meals eaten slowly and to rest after eating.  Gluten-free diets are best to avoid wheat allergy.  Vegetarian diets, such as in our Ashram and many spiritual communities, include "living food" and nutrients present in vegetables, while also being free from the density of meat (and, as some say, the fear present in the animal being killed).

A very important consideration in our diet relates to the balance of acid and alkaline (pH) in the body (on the scale of 1-14 with lower being acidic and higher alkaline, 7.4 is an ideal balance for liquids in the body including water, blood, lymph and brain fluid).  A result of high acidity is low oxygen in the cells which leads to fermentation, oxidation and oxidative stress which affects the health of the cells.  Free radicals present in all of us from the environment (pollution, radiation) cause cell damage, degeneration and inflammation by stealing negative electrons from cells in a low oxygen environment which expands to other cells.  Therefore, it is critical that we be aware of the pH balance within the body and reduce our acidity through the consumption of certain foods and avoidance of others.  Of course, our health is improved with less sugar and antioxidant rich, less acidic and more alkaline fruits and vegetables (remembering the pH balance so as not to be too alkaline as well which can create yeast and fungus).  Foods to avoid or to eat less frequently are: dairy including milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, wheat and sweets.  Foods to consume more often are: green vegetables like leafy greens, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, sprouts, lettuce and cucumber, and fruits such as avocados, grapefruits, lemon and lime and, sparingly, coconut, apricots, mango, peach, figs and prunes.  Some oils that are very beneficial in our diet include flax, hemp, coconut and olive.

Juicing is very popular and "green drinks" (e.g., wheatgrass) are highly beneficial to our health, as well as shakes with low acid fruits.  Research is indicating the health benefits of a drink known as XanGo which consists of whole mangosteen fruit found in Asia.  The rind of this fruit is rich in xanthones which are being shown to have effects on the death of cancer cells.  Xanthones are powerful antioxidants that give their negative electron to the free radicals to counteract their effect on our cells (such as reducing inflammation), and the fruit is also filled with phytonutrients that are plant-derived essential nutrients.  In the area of what we drink, Sai Maa is committed to finding water that is high quality, is "wet" and actually nourishes the cells of the body, which is rare, and also to purifying water around the world (including the Ganges in India). 

Exercise:  Especially in the West, people are eating too much fat and carbohydrates (input) and not exercising and moving their bodies to burn enough calories (output), causing many to be overweight and obese which can cause diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure.  Exercise maintains fitness including healthy weight, strengthens the heart, bones, muscles and joints and immune system, moderates blood pressure, and can influence hormones and increase cognitive functions.   In addition to strengthening and rejuvenating the physiology, exercise promotes psychological well being, allowing us to release anxiety and deal more clearly and powerfully with what we experience in our life. 

Exercise can generally be grouped into three types depending upon their effect on the body: flexibility and stretching exercises that improve the range of motion of muscles and joints, balance, agility and coordination (yoga, Tai Chi, dance and movement); aerobic exercises (fast walking, running, swimming, biking) increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle density; anaerobic exercises (weight machines and training, sprinting) increasing muscle mass and strength.  Other examples of exercises include: walking and hiking with conscious breathing especially in nature, racketball and various sports (tennis, basketball, soccer).  Jumping on the trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system, and use of a Soloflex machine while stretching or lifting weights is also beneficial as the vibration increases the stimulation of the lymphatic system and magnifies the workout.  It is essential to have a good diet to ensure the body has the correct ratio of macronutrients and provides sufficient micronutrients, aiding the body in recovery from strenuous exercise and not depending upon fat content for survival. 

  • Rest and Relaxation ("R & R"): The body must rest and relax in general, as well as during or after daily activities which may cause mental, emotional or physical stress.  Of course, breathing is conducive to our relaxing and also releasing.  Having a sufficient number of hours to rest the body at night is important for our rejuvenation.  Other "R & R" activities include going to a health club or spa to take sauna or steam, Jacuzzi, different types of massage (e.g., deep tissue, Swedish), laying in the sun, going to the Hot Springs if accessible. 

In addition, we relax when we smile or laugh, affecting the parasympathetic system, and we can do this anywhere and anytime, reflecting the impact of joy in our life.  We can release, and be more relaxed as a consequence, by crying, screaming and expressing ourselves, not holding down what needs to surface to be transformed.  Singing our favorite songs relaxes us, as does chanting when we use our voices and bodies to express ourselves fully.  We give ourselves to the chant that activates within us the energy of the deity whose name we are chanting.  Chanting is also useful for moving us into a state of meditation.

Doing what we enjoy (interests, hobbies) relaxes us, such as gardening and working with nature.  We are more clear and relaxed when we are centered, and we can employ the centering exercise: we place one hand next to our navel, opened with fingers pointing up and palm facing sideways, and raise the other arm straight up with the hand open and palm facing sideways; we breathe consciously, inhaling in this position and then exhaling as we lower the one arm slowly and raise the other hand slowly until both hands meet at our heart with palms facing each other in "prayer" position.

  • Health Care Services:  These services offered by medical and health care practitioners preserve our well being on all levels, and prevent, treat and manage poor health, injuries and "dis-ease".  They include those services considered complementary or alternative coming from certain traditions, such as those in India and China.  Seven such services are summarized here.

Chiropractic: This service focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system with special emphasis on the spine.  The underlying understanding is that health is affected by disorders through the nervous system and pressure on the nerves because of faulty alignment of the bones and vertebrae, so that nerves are prevented from transmitting to various organs of the body their impulses for proper functioning.  Treatment emphasizes manual therapy including spinal, joint and soft-tissue manipulation, with associated exercises and lifestyle advice.

Osteopathy: This holistic manual and physical approach emphasizes the musculoskeletal system in the prevention and treatment of problems (e.g., trauma, chronic illness, back and neck pain) to restore normal functioning.   The osteopath (including cranial osteopathy) feels the body's "living anatomy" or flow of fluids, motion and texture of tissues and structural makeup, addressing problems in a non-invasive way that takes advantage of the body's immune system and its natural tendency toward a state of health and homeostasis. Energetic osteopathy makes adjustments without touching the body while working with energy blockages.

Craniosacral: This service, sometimes placed in the category of therapy or bodywork, is used by physical and massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths.  This approach entails light finger pressure that optimizes a movement pattern known as "cranial wave" in the cranial bones of the head, the spine and sacrum, causing structural shifts in the bone and tissue, and easing restrictions in neural pathways facilitating the healing process.  The practitioner tunes into the innate intelligence of the body to invite the physical and subtle bodies into their original state of optimal balance.

Rolfing (Structural Integration): Again with a focus on the musculoskeletal system, this is a system of soft tissue manipulation, realigning the body structurally and harmonizing its fundamental movement patterns and balance in relation to gravity.  The approach enhances vitality and well being, with those treated standing straighter and moving naturally, with asymmetries disappearing in the soft tissue.

Ayurveda: This "science of life" is a system of traditional medicine native to India appearing during the Vedic period.  According to this practice, our human physiology is made up of the five elements that form the universe, with two of these elements combined within three biological "humors" or psychophysiological energies called "doshas" as follows: vata (space/air), pitta (fire/water), kapha (water/earth).  Together, these doshas orchestrate all of the activities taking place within us.  At conception, we each inherit a combination of these (called "prakriti" or original constitution), with most of us having two more or less dominant doshas and one less dominant (ten classic types are possible).  Practitioners perform a reading of our pulse to discover our unique doshic makeup and the nature of our imbalances to recommend a program that restores balance of the three doshas, with a philosophy that building a healthy metabolic system, attaining good digestion and proper excretion leads to vitality.  Treatment can include holistic rejuvenation therapy called "Panchakarma" which eliminates toxins from the body (a combination of different techniques such as oil massage, nasal therapy, medicated or herbal enemas, steam).  Herbal supplements are prescribed to educate the body, eliminate toxins and restore balance, as well as lifestyle choices related to diet and food intake, sleep and rest, meditation, yoga and exercise.  Marma treatment may also done where vital pressure points are stimulated and massaged to open up 108 energy channels in the body.

Homeopathy:  Central to this treatment is the thesis that an ill person can be treated with a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness.  Whatever is causing the symptom is used as the remedy ("like cures like"), minimal and highly diluted doses are given, and a holistic approach is used where one remedy is given no matter how many symptoms are experienced.  Results can be rapid if the remedy is correct, and natural ingredients are used that work in harmony with our immune system. After exploring the physical and psychological state of the person, the practitioner chooses a remedy.  One approach is to identify whether the person according to his/her state, background, behavior and characteristics most resembles or is aligned with the category of plant, animal or mineral, and a remedy is found that comes from that category.  This treatment is useful for food and other allergies, fatigue and can address specific psychological patterns of behavior (e.g., anxiety, depression, addictions).

Acupuncture: As one of the oldest healing practices, this is a traditional Chinese technique for unblocking the "chi" or "qi" (meaning "breath" or "air" in Chinese, and by extension life force or dynamic vital energy) that flows throughout the body along the meridians (including 12 of these major pathways associated with specific organs).  Thin metal needles are inserted at particular points in the body connected with the meridians to balance the opposing forces of "yin" and "yang" so that chi flows freely and increased health is achieved, as blockages represent sickness, disease or injury.  Chinese medicine also prescribes herbs, meditation and massage.  Energetic acupuncture integrates "qi/energetic awareness" into traditional treatment, while incorporating other energetic healing styles (qi gong, pranic healing) to yield a more multidimensional diagnosis and treatment.  Esoteric acupuncture, working on the subtle level, uses patterns of points based on the principles of acupuncture, the Kabbalah, the chakra system and traditional spiritual and energetic principles and wisdom, to actively assist us in our own growth.

·       Other Programs and Tools:

H.H. Sai Maa has arranged for various opportunities for our community to receive treatment for our improved health and be supported by various tools and technologies.  During week-long sessions in Quebec, Canada several experienced a whole repertoire of treatments with professional staff focused on diagnosis, detoxification and purification, with deep physical and energetic transformation on many levels, also through the blessings and Shakti of the presence of Sai Maa with us.  Treatment included a juice diet, cleanses (enema, liver, colonic), biofeedback, saunas (infrared, dry), massages, aroma therapy, chakra cleansing through crystals, exercise (machines, walking, swimming, "Brain Gym" to balance the brain hemispheres), breathing and releasing exercises (pranayama, laughing, crying, singing lessons), as well as blood analysis (red and white blood cells, parasites, bacteria), and  recommendations for diet, supplements and lifestyle (e.g., balancing pH level, reducing inflammation, improving digestion).  Blood analysis at another facility has served many by also revealing light in the blood (sacred geometry such as tetrahedrons identified in the blood of Sai Maa), and supplying essential nutrients into the blood and systems of the body.

H.H. Sai Maa H.E.A.R.T. Method: These tools and technologies promote the health of our physical and subtle bodies, expand our consciousness and balance the life force and energies in the body.  The Empowerment Device takes our existing vibratory energy, converts it into a coherent state and then reintroduces it into our physiology, through the use of coherent tones of our own voice in a CD and Coherent Empowerment Water created from these frequencies.  Other components include:  Intention CDs recorded by Sai Maa with the vibrational frequency of Sai Maa's voice; Inert Gases that cleanse the etheric fields and regenerate the body; Brain Illumination Meditation DVD; Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Device that "re-trains" the parts of the brain involved in learning, communicating and coordination; ICAP™ Release Meter System that measures and dissolves stress, resistance and subconscious blocks to our free expression in the world.  (For more information about this method, please refer to the HIU website.)

·       Additional Impacts on Our Health:  Yes, we are to make intelligent choices about our individual practices and the products and services we employ to support and promote our health.  In addition, it is essential we make wise choices about the environment we choose to be in, where we live, proximity to nature, mountains, water, facilities that serve our health, the quality of air we breathe.  We are to pay attention to hygiene (cleanliness of body, caring for teeth, washing hands and food), and be aware of the decisions we make about our lifestyle (those with whom we come in contact, places where we spend our time, our recreational activities and hobbies, communities we associate with and create).  We are also to realize how we impact the health of our environment (for example, pollution in the air, the balance and support of nature and ecology),

Much can be written about how our mental and emotional states affect our health.  Practices for transforming our thoughts and emotions to improve our health include: bringing negative thoughts (e.g., worrying, self-criticism) through energetic tubes on either side of our head at the base of the ears to the heart where they dissolve; cupping our hands at the stomach where fear-based emotions reside (such as anger, resentment) and slowly bringing them to the heart where we they are embraced by our love and transform; finding the small spark of light in the emotion wherever it is located (everything is light), breathing and expanding the light until the emotion disappears; forgiving others, ourselves and asking for forgiveness from others, where the weight of lack of forgiveness, the inner suffering and its effects, are lifted for self-healing; reminding ourselves to be joyful and grateful, to smile and appreciate what is best in our lives and what we have accomplished, how we are learning and evolving through the opportunities presented to us in life, and laughing when we get too serious.


Strong energies are now coming to the planet, high frequency light that is serving the transformation of humanity.  The vibration of our physical and subtle bodies is rising.  The actual makeup of our cells and genes is transforming to a higher state.  These energies are also causing darker or denser energies to surface that are held in our individual and collective consciousness, and are present in the depths of the planet where we have placed them for centuries.  This is the exact moment, the agreed-upon time, when we are to be our strongest and healthiest, when we are to be energized in order to attract, accept, embody and radiate these higher level energies as pillars of light.    Our health enables our physical form to remain on the planet to serve, whereas if we do not care for our health we will not be able to survive and thrive as the planet's energetic level rises and field of energy expands at such an accelerated rate.

We succeed in the purpose and responsibility of our incarnation to serve the light when we are aware, when we live consciously in the present and shift our perspective to value the body and its health as a means for our own and planetary transformation.  By educating ourselves about what affects our health, we realize how to energize and rejuvenate our physical and subtle bodies, thus impacting our mind, emotions and spirit. We learn, practice and realize increased self-mastery (e.g., mastering our senses, desires, appetites, addictions, attachments, habitual unhealthy patterns of behavior).   By being more aware and informed, we empower ourselves, knowing we are the ones with free will creating the state of our health, and we confidently make powerful decisions and take creative action promoting the evolution of our health.  We achieve greater balance as we enjoy life in physical form, and we nourish ourselves while avoiding extremes.  We become more attuned to our relationships, if and how we serve the health and transformation of those around us, whether the energy we radiate from our physical and subtle bodies is healthy, whether our thoughts, feelings, words and actions reflect and promote health.

Healthy.  Energized.  Rejuvenated.  We realize our true, eternal Self by developing a strong, vibrant vehicle in which we have been blessed to incarnate.  Ultimately, in a state of perfect health, we live and breathe as divine humans, the physical merging fully with the divine.  We live as Creator manifesting a new reality with the power of Shakti.  This magnificent and victorious alchemy serves as a gateway for the manifestation of the Golden Age on Planet Earth.


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