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Swami Parameshwarananda
Energetic Empowerment: Transforming Ourselves and the Planet




Paramacharya Swami Parameshwarananda

New Awareness of Self

Now is the time to change how we see ourselves and how we can impact our own transformation and the evolution of society and the planet.  We have free will and we can make choices and decisions that expand our consciousness, transform our states of being, and access the potential that is always present within us to affect the world.  Let us take the steps in this very moment to heal ourselves, to create deep transformation within ourselves and serve as a catalyst for radical global transformation.  As the Bhagavad-Gita makes clear, we differ from animals in that we have the power to progress to liberation through increased awareness, asking questions, self-inquiry, practicing with our new awareness.   

In the context of individual and collective transformation (or healing), a critical shift in our awareness is to know that we are energy, that everything is energy.  We are electromagnetic fields of energy, energy waves and, at the most fundamental level, photons of light and information.  In order to realize this truth about ourselves, we are to drop old paradigms that we are the body, our roles in life, how we are seen by others, how we have identified ourselves in the past.  We are to become more aware of how our belief systems limit us, how our fears many times control our decisions and actions.  When we perceive ourselves as energy, we have greater freedom of choice; we can move in the world and actively and creatively expand our field of energy with our thoughts and feelings.  We feel and realize at a profound level our interconnectedness with all that is around us, with other humans, with nature, knowing we are one as energy and never separate. 

This realization of oneness touches our heart, and we expand our field as we love more deeply.  We raise our frequency as energy, as photons, by loving, by being divine love which is information of the highest vibration.  This is a main teaching of many Masters, living and ascended, including Jagatguru Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi who incarnated to remind us we are so loved, our essence is love itself, as energy, Shakti.  As H.H. Sai Maa informs us, we are the ones who have the power to raise our energy field or to bring it down to low frequency.  Loving, being love, raises our vibration, transforming our consciousness (personality, thoughts and feelings), our energy field.  This expanded field of energy, this flow of faster spinning electrons moves throughout our physical and subtle bodies, purifying them, increasing our life force and vitality, rejuvenating us.  As Gregg Braden explains, feelings based in our hearts create patterns of energy inside our bodies, and these electrical and magnetic fields influence more than the healing of our cells, they influence the physical world.  We communicate through our heart, our feelings and love, extending our field of energy which is always interconnected with the unified field that joins all of us.   This is the power of love to transform. 

So we can choose to shift from fear to love, from limited identity to limitless energy fields.  We transform ourselves and the world by seeing ourselves as multi-dimensional, existing beyond what we can see physically.  We embrace all of the aspects of ourselves, our full spectrum of energy.  As we raise our frequency, we move into higher realms of energy that are always available to us.  Through the Law of Resonance we attract light beings always waiting to serve us.  We facilitate the realization of the totality of who we are by developing inner states through new, expansive thoughts and feelings.  We surrender, let go, have trust and faith in our inherent power as energy and love.  We create our intent for expanding and transforming ourselves, for fully realizing ourselves as energy that we can master, express and manifest in the world.  We use our imagination.  We become childlike and innocent, playful and joyful, full of gratitude and appreciation for the transformation we are manifesting, for the endless opportunities available to us.  As Richard Bartlett expresses, we move into an "altered or non-consensus reality" and we make "creative use of universal energy."

In this time of rapid world changes, shifting views on what may manifest on the planet, of what is certain and uncertain, we can take the perspective that all is possible, that we do not know everything consciously, that unforeseen events and outcomes manifest naturally.  At the same time, we can be enthusiastic and passionate about this state of affairs, open and trusting.  The more we accept and embrace the increasing pace of change, movement at "quantum" speed, the more we are "in the flow" and an active partner in divine creation and manifestation on the planet.  We access and tap into the unified field of consciousness, divine intelligence, universal mind, whatever name we ascribe to source energy of creation.  Through our intent, focus and use of energy we manifest and transform. 

Our power for transformation within ourselves and on the planet becomes even more evident to us when we shift to a "quantum awareness," when we realize that as energy (information and light), all change is instantaneous in the present, not linear or bound by space and time, that we can move at the speed of love and light.  In this time of Kali Yuga, of the rebirth of the Golden Age, we are to change NOW, to align and co-create with the new energies coming to this planet for its transformation.  Although we do use the term "healing" and apply it to ourselves, others and the planet, an even better term is "transformation" as mentioned by others including H.H. Sai Maa and Richard Bartlett.  "Healing" connotes problem states that are to be healed, a disease mindset, focusing on the negative, while "transformation" suggests the creative use of energy, the opportunity to shift our energies and move to a natural, healthy state or original blueprint of perfection down to our DNA/RNA, accessing for ourselves powerful possibilities, new probabilities for outcomes, heretofore unknown to us.  As Alice Bailey writes, we release the soul so it can flow within, "calling into positive activity a man's own soul ... when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance through every aspect of the form nature."  As H.H. Sai Maa writes, "distortions are transformed into their natural state," and in our consciousness and matter "we raise the vibration and transmute, transform from low to high frequency, imprints, samskaras, memories, thought forms, feelings, past actions."

This transformation applies to all aspects of ourselves, physical and subtle.  Although, as Krishna teaches Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita, we are not the body, we are not to be attached to the physical or material which is illusion or maya, we are at the same time to care for the body as a vehicle for living as that eternal, immortal spirit on this plane.  Therefore, this work of transformation is about rejuvenation, youth, vitality of the body, mind and spirit.  As H.H. Sai Maa reminds us, we are to take responsibility for the body in which we can experience our true Self.  We are not meant to die; our mortality is caused by our thought forms, belief systems, habits and deeply ingrained patterns that have been held by humans for centuries.  The work is transformation of consciousness for enlightenment, moksha, the realization of the spirit, divine energy we are.  It is also the work of transformation of matter for ascension, where the matter vibrates at such a high frequency that it transforms into light.  We are grateful to the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother for reminding us of the supramental energy, supra-consciousness, that can descend into us, that we can aspire to, for integral, radical transformation of our consciousness and matter.  In developing our awareness of ourselves as energy that we can master, command, activate, energize, establish and anchor, we rejuvenate, reverse the aging process, live as luminous, radiant light bodies.  As H.H. Sai Maa writes, we act through cosmic energy and cosmic energy acts through our matter.

On the topic of cellular transformation, Bruce Lipton informs us we can shift from being victims to creators, in that we can change our perceptions of ourselves and the world and thereby create an environment for our cells to transform.  The membrane of the cell is actually the "brain" of the cell, with receptors that dynamically respond to the environment that is created.  Healthier perceptions and beliefs at the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels result in a healthier environment and healthier cells.  Our cells perceive the world and adjust their behavior and our genes accordingly.  In other words, "mind over genes" or what we perceive in the world, and what we believe about what we see, controls the genes in our body.  The "New Biology" tells us that we can change our biology by changing our perceptions.

Quantum Physics is offering us a rich, powerful and expanded view of who we truly are and how to live that truth fully in the world.  In seeing ourselves as fluid, wavelike consciousness, photons that are to transform, we can engage in so many more possibilities because all possibilities already exist.  As Richard Bartlett points out:  "A new game enables you to be free enough to produce congruent, objective changes in every aspect of your life," and we can open the door to the realm of "seemingly miraculous manifestations" as we choose extraordinary examples of what we want.  Many ancient teachings tell us we are not to try to do anything, as we are not the doer, and we simply move into states that are more powerful than our limited conscious awareness.  We raise ourselves into states where we access new information, "download from a different database," into our consciousness and matter.  We reveal the power within us, empower ourselves, through these altered states that are natural but have been forgotten: quantum states, "zero-point" states, natural states of pure love.

Transformational Practices

We are all "created equal" in our innate potential to be creators on this planet, using our energy for good, for the evolution of each of us individually and society and the planet collectively.  What are the individual and group practices and tools that we can choose from to create and evolve more powerfully?  What criteria do we use to make decisions about these practices?

We can pose some questions to ourselves that reflect different criteria for choosing practices:

  • Do the practices raise my vibration/frequency and result in inner transformation, the healing of my physical and subtle bodies, expansion of my consciousness?
  • Do they represent an opportunity for me to expand and radiate energy for the transformation of others?
  • Do they allow me to merge with other energy fields on the planet, higher group consciousness, enabling me to serve myself and others even more powerfully?
  • Through them can I access and merge in higher realms, with Masters and light beings, for increased transformation and service to the planet?

An analogy may assist with your choice of practices, offered by Jagatguru His Holiness Sri Satuwa Baba Maharaj during satsang (spiritual gathering) in Crestone, Colorado at H.H. Sai Maa's Ashram, the Temple of Consciousness.  Maharaji spoke of an electrical power plant and distribution network, where the eternal main power comes from the Supreme Power, an endless supply of electricity distributed to everyone everywhere, all beings "plugged into" the network.  For some beings, the switch is on, for others off, according to their awareness and consciousness.  Some beings have lower wattage, others higher wattage, more or less electrical current radiating according to the focus and discipline of their  "sadhana" or daily spiritual practice.  Everyone is part of the same universal system having individual differences that they can adjust through their own choices to increase their wattage and shine more brightly, finally shining at the highest frequency until all is one bright light.

You are encouraged to take the time to decide on the practices and tools that will increase your wattage so that you shine the brightest, radiating Supreme Light throughout all your bodies and spreading this light across the planet.

Individual Practices

Here we focus on the spiritual practices that facilitate going within and shifting one's energy, vibration and consciousness through inner work, as well as through taking action to serve others.  Of course, some may choose to call the inner work they do "religious" or perhaps "healthy" or "natural", or some may do professional service or volunteer work that they do not call spiritual.  The main point has to do with shifting and elevating one's energy through certain practices and tools (many of these can also be done in groups you choose to be with, as addressed in the next section).

Choice of thoughts, feelings, words, actions: Through introspection, self-inquiry and witnessing ourselves, we become more aware of how we think, feel, speak and act.  By realizing the energy that we create within ourselves and with others, and the subsequent transformation that does or does not take place, we can develop our mastery in making changes that facilitate our evolution.  We focus and re-focus so we express love and expand, rather than contract through choices that are based on fear.  We take steps so that the new energy we create purifies and "enlightens" our physical and subtle bodies, as well as others around us.  We notice lower vibration and we raise our frequency without self-judgment, with forgiveness, and gratitude for the opportunity to evolve.  Some suggestions for uplifting our communication include: eliminate "no", "not" and "but" from conversations; say "yes" or use words that create the energy of openness, flow, movement, love; develop the ability to listen actively to others without thinking about what you will say next or judging the other person who is speaking.

Attachments: Focusing on inner work, shifting our energy internally, is served by examining and releasing our attachments.  These include material objects and possessions, relationships, the physical body, food, habits such as alcohol and drugs.  When we are not attached to these, we free our energy, we can focus our attention and energy more consciously with no distractions, we become more aware of what serves us to raise our vibration and expand our energy.

Seva (Selfless Service): When we offer ourselves to serve others without expectation of receiving something in return, we are sharing our love and energy freely, we are present in the moment and focus our energy on the activity at hand, and we are honoring the divine energy within ourselves and the others who are being served.  As a prayer, we are aligning and uniting with our soul, our Presence within, and raising our frequency accordingly.  We also receive the energy blessings of those souls being served.

Meditation and Breathing: Taking time to sit quietly, in stillness, and to go within allows us to call upon, activate, energize, establish and anchor divine energy within us that cleanses our physical and subtle bodies, and increases the activity of our energy waves, electrons and photons.  This energetic shift within us happens even more powerfully when we enter our sacred heart, feeling the love residing there, expanding this love vibration throughout our being as we merge with our Presence, I AM, Brahman, Allah, Jehovah, the Christ, whatever name we ascribe to the supreme power within.  The breath adds to the power of the meditation, whether that is conscious breathing, cyclical or continuous breathing (no hesitation between inhale and exhale), or pranayama (control of prana or life force).

One specific and very powerful meditation is called Brain Illumination Meditation, offered by H.H. Sai Maa and Humanity In Unity (HIU), the non-profit organization founded by H.H. Sai Maa.  During this meditation we guide ourselves in bringing the divine energy into our brain and then throughout our physical form down to the sub-atomic level, in our chakras, subtle energy channels and subtle bodies.  In other words, we create a light body that purifies us.  Another transformative meditation activates within us the power of the Violet Cosmic Flame to cleanse and purify our consciousness and matter, calling upon Saint Germain who brought this energy to the planet.  (You can learn more about several meditation practices on the HIU website:

Pujas and Mantras: In the Hindu tradition (and others), we can perform rituals or ceremonies to activate different energies within ourselves for transformation (also discussed later related to "archetypes").  Through the devotion and honoring taking place during these practices, higher vibration frequencies and energy fields are created.  When we recite mantras, most powerful in Sanskrit, the vibration of the sounds are deeply healing and expansive as we align and unite with the deities called upon that are always within us waiting to be activated (well known mantas include Om, So Ham, Om Namah Shivaya).

Chanting and Music:  When we chant fully in any language or tradition the name of God, or any deity, we are in fact chanting to ourselves, to our soul, the divinity within us, activating and spreading this divine energy within and around us.  In addition, listening to, creating or expressing certain types of music touches our heart, brings us joy, expands our love, balances our energy (and brain, such as has been found in research with music by Mozart), raising our vibration in resonance with the frequency of the music itself.

Other Energetic Transformational Practices: "Diksha" or energetic initiation has been practiced for centuries by Gurus and Masters in India and elsewhere.  This energetic transmission through touch, word, sight shifts the energy of the person receiving it, raising the frequency and expanding the consciousness.  One such type of initiation, Ananda Jyotir (Light of Bliss) Diksha, is being gifted to us by H.H. Sai Maa and is practiced in the HIU community.  Through touch, high vibration purifying light or energy from our lineage is transmitted to the brain and thereby throughout the physical and subtle bodies of the person receiving Diksha.  The energy transmission includes several different frequencies (colors) of light that transform and transmute subtle energies, physical matter and consciousness.

H.H. Sai Maa and HIU Master Teacher practitioners also practice different "healing" methods, and offer related tools that work with soul energy, organs and glands of the body, rejuvenating energy, DNA/RNA, and these are described in several CD's ("Divine Healing," "Ultimate Healing," "Path to the Luminous").  As H.H. Sai Maa states, "Humanity is at a new frontier of energy healing."

Many healing, transformation practices have been taught for years, however an increasing number are being revealed now on the planet.  Esoteric healing practices were shared by Alice Bailey years ago, and many meditations, affirmations and practices were revealed in the writings of the Ascended Masters (Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation).  Another current example of useful and powerful energetic practices is Matrix Energetics, a system created by Richard Bartlett (

Group Practices

As Richard Bartlett explains, with our transformation comes a "new worldview that is congruent with our experiences of new states of altered awareness."  This new perspective continues to shift and affects our energy field.  Our changing field spreads to our family, to communities and groups with which we interact, and across the planet through "collective morphic resonance" or morpho-genetic, form-generating fields.  In other words, a form (person) belonging to a group will tune into that group's field of energy, read the information energetically to guide its own development, and give feedback through its own energy to the group's energy to influence that field.  Through our inner work, and the morphic fields with which we come in contact, we transform within ourselves down to our own DNA/RNA, electrons and photons, and we affect the transformation of others associated with us, also extending this influence beyond to others we have not even met.

Therefore, it is of great importance that we examine how we energetically interact with others in our family, communities and groups, as well as how others affect us energetically.  This awareness leads us to make new decisions about the "who" and "how" of our interactions.  The following are two ways of looking at our interactions: identifying and changing the energy manifested during group interactions; choosing different types of interactions according to the collective energy field and impact on our energy and transformation.

Transforming group energy: Notice the different interactions you have on a daily basis with others.  Experiment and play with energy to see what effect you can have.  For example, you may interact with one or more family members, friends, a team at work, a community group.  During your communication and interaction, witness the group dynamics energetically:  Is the energy flowing, harmonious, balanced, or is it disrupted or distorted?  Are there "peaks and valleys" in the energy where there is excitement, fast pace or chaotic energy, or lower vibration representing calmness, serenity, perhaps so low that there is lack of energy or fatigue?  Are there differences in energy between specific individuals in the group during communication, with "body language," reflecting any emotions or relationships that are not loving or constructive?   Once you notice these energetic signs, you can be an active creator with the group to speak in a certain way, communicate energetically with your vibration and with words, alter the group energy field or specific interpersonal fields, to be more productive and healthy.  You can share what you have learned about the energy for others to be more aware and to transform themselves, even creating a powerful group grid or vortex through collective intent and increasing awareness, practice and transformation of the group.  The idea is not to impose energy on the group, or to do something to the group; it is to share, shift, and move naturally and consciously to a new, higher state together.

Choosing group energies: You can also make decisions about certain individuals and groups (morphic fields or consciousnesses) to align or interact or merge with, to tap into, in order to affect your own or others' energy field and transformation.   Some categories of collective morphic fields include: relationship or family, religious or spiritual, cultural or societal, teaching or academic, philosophical or conceptual, professional, recreational.  In addition, there are certain fields created by archetypes or mythologies that are held by certain groups, communities, cultures or societies.  For example, in the Hindu tradition, different deities hold certain energies and radiate morphic fields that are activated by rituals, ceremonies and practices such as the recitation of mantras.  Specific lineages have their own energy fields.  In the spiritual realm, morphic fields and certain frequencies are held by living and Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Cosmic Beings.  Energy fields are also manifested by different geographic locations, some with lower vibration, and some with powerful vortices and energetic grids such as Varanasi and Vrindavan in India, Crestone in Colorado, among others.  Time can also influence energetic grids, where the vibration is higher or lower, or more contracted or expanded, depending upon the time in history, the planetary collective consciousness during certain periods, and the energy coming to the planet from other realms.

By becoming aware of the energetic patterns and vibrational fields in these different categories, you can make life choices that will bring greater transformation due to the type and level of energy, light and information, electrons and photons, associated with these fields.  Benefits from associating with different fields can include: knowledge, wisdom, joy, power, health, vitality, purity, harmony and peace.  Some fields bring greater opportunities to attract and serve others, or to serve with others, who are in resonance with these fields.  Of course, the amount of love present and radiated in these different fields is a major determinant of transformation.

Two examples will serve to highlight the power of group consciousness and transformative energies manifested during spiritual gatherings.  The first relates to being in the Divine Presence of Masters or Gurus.  These enlightened beings are devoted to our individual and collective transformation, to our realization of our own power and divinity.  In their awakened state, they see the light and energy that we truly are underneath of the layers of lower energy or "illusion" we have created.  When we are gathered together with a Master, the Shakti or intelligent, high vibration energy of the Master serves us in its radiance, in the "Darshan" or sharing of the gift of this purifying energy.  Some Masters cleanse our karma by actually taking our impurities or denser energies within themselves as we sit together in their Presence.  Some initiate us in energetic transmissions from lineages that transform us and provide us with opportunities to serve others.  In addition to offering these blessings, some Masters remind us through teachings and writings of the powerful tools and energy we have always within ourselves that can serve us in our transformation and the planet's, allowing us to experience, practice and realize this power in their Presence and apply, expand and anchor this power through sadhana and service when we return to our homes and daily lives.

Another example relates to groups coming together with the intention to shift energy through their collective intent and conscious use of energy.  These gatherings have taken place, and continue to occur, especially during times of crisis or when astrological, planetary and energetic alignments magnify the power of the work.   In addition to the power of one individual group when it assembles, the energy of the group consciousness of one group resonates and unites with the energy of any groups with a common intent and related frequency so the effect is magnified exponentially.  Global gatherings for peace prayer are a common and recurring instance of creating powerful and transformative group energies when consciously congruent beings come together in different groups to transform large populations.  This has occurred within the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement and community over the years, and quantitative research has been carried out to determine the impact of group consciousness on behavior and results related to crime, violence and war. 

Let us recall what Master Jesus said, and allow these words to influence our decisions about coming together with others with the intent to transform ourselves and humanity for the good, for agreement to lead to manifestation:   "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them."  (Matthew 18:20)


Life today is about transforming ourselves and each other as quickly and effectively as possible, to align with the higher frequencies and consciousness now coming to the planet.  Our mission is to realize the divinity, spirit, light, love, source energy that we truly are, and to live our everyday lives as divine humans serving the planet.  We can facilitate this realization and manifestation by shifting our awareness to a state where we know we are energy and we increasingly become masters in creating, accessing, merging with, using and directing energy for the highest evolution of humanity and the planet.  We thereby empower ("in-power") ourselves with energy, turn the switch on at the highest wattage.  Let us remind ourselves continuously of the power we always have within ourselves, the infinite possibilities of choices we can make in our lives, for transforming, for serving, for fully realizing ourselves.  Let us examine decisions we make about our individual and collective practices, tools available to us, and move into high natural states where these choices are "choiceless choices" that come from Universal Mind, the Great Intelligence, Pure Consciousness, Supreme Power, Source.  These are the choices, decisions, actions that lead us all to Divine Perfection.

Reminders of Our Power

The following quotes are intended to reinforce in our awareness the energetic empowerment we can choose to manifest from within ourselves.  You may choose to select one or more of these to re-read and place in different locations at home or work as reminders.

 "You all carry this power inside, so when there is real awareness, a new state of mind, with that shift of consciousness you move into new possibilities, miracles.  REMEMBER, you are made out of light, vibrations or waves (waveforms), so no matter how contracted or distorted is a cell, there is always light in it.  Go into the light, that living substance, and activate that light, change the 'wrong' information you put there earlier.  Let's move into your perfection.  This is called empowerment, by accessing your very own living Shakti, your own higher consciousness, which also means you are exploring the nature of consciousness. ... Yes, this is working at a quantum leap in the quantum field, meaning in the shortest time, seconds, you get the greatest benefits with higher energy frequency.  Amazing what is possible with energy.  It's all about activating that living substance in you; this living power, this living Shakti of living." (Unpublished writing by H.H. Sai Maa)

"Healing in our work can mean transform, change information or patterns of energy with a light touch, with focused light/love intent.  How often I speak of original blueprint.  Now that so many are moving into Light, tap into that original blueprint, use it, work with it, and allow it to expand.  This is a doorway, a gateway to higher consciousness.  Thus healing happens naturally at all levels of life.  Realize you are unlimited consciousness, unlimited universal mind, all of you are healers, are therapists.  Manifesting that power is your choice.  You empower yourself and have the capacity, ability to empower others, global, unified field of consciousness."  (Unpublished writing of H.H. Sai Maa)

"This is your time, Beloveds.  You see, due to this great shift in which the planet is moving there is a new state of awareness.  Little by little we will be manifesting new reality, co-creating with other realms or dimensions, interacting with this reality of the world as well as with others instantly, traveling through space and time while busy in this world, a pathway to be an embodiment of the multidimensional being which we all are." (Unpublished writing of H.H. Sai Maa)

"Current science accepts that the act of observing something, at least at the subatomic level, changes the behavior and characteristics of the thing observed.  This implies that consciousness has a direct and observable affect on the structure or composition of matter. ... At the level of the photon, consciously directed intent can alter the behaviors of the fundamental constituents of matter." (Bartlett, p. 18)

"You are composed of electrons, which can and do behave differently depending on the observer's perspective or set of expectations.  Knowing this, you can begin to understand how a physical pattern or condition could change if you chose to congruently observe that condition or problem from a quantum perspective: what I have chosen to call 'wavefront consciousness.'" (Bartlett, p. 66)

"When you are able to still your thoughts, you come into resonance with the great sea of universal energy, or Zero Point Field. ... The moment that you stop actively thinking, you can become one with the object of your thought.  You are entangled from a quantum perspective and that is when the shift occurs." (Bartlett, p. 120)

"The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined, by conscious thought.  The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of, and determined by, feeling.  The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion within the central core is the 'breath of God' and therefore, the most concentrated activity of divine love.  Speaking in scientific terms, it would be called centripetal force.  These are the determining factors which make the quality of an atom." (Electrons, p. 9).

"At the time an individual becomes conscious that he is an intelligent creative being and has within his own being the magnet by which he may draw the universal light and mould it into form according to the dictates of his thought and feeling processes at that moment he becomes a conscious co-creator and worker in the establishment and maintenance of God's kingdom on the Earth.  The universal light substance, as you are aware, must be obedient to a command of an individualized facet of the Creator." (Electrons, p. 75)

"The mastery of your own energies becomes the path for your own individual ascension. ... The magnetic center within the heart, drawing the electrons from the I AM Presence, creates a focus of energy enabling the individual to have thoughts, feelings, etheric memories and physical acts.  You are dealing primarily with energy.  In fact, you are 'energy centers, vibratory centers' sending out into the universe that which is a blessing to life or that which adds to the distress of the world.  You chose, as did every man and woman who is upon the planet today to use life to experiment with energy.  You chose to learn through trial and error what energy could do. ... you should give the dignity, authority and power of directing that energy back into the glorious Threefold Flame of God within your heart." (Electrons, pp. 120-22 )

"The keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution, just as it is the keynote to the general well-being of humanity. ... only by the right distribution of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual man also be cured." (Alice Bailey, pp. 549-50)


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