In the Path of Light
Swami Parameshwarananda


"When a businessman in the U.S. realizes there is more to life than what he is experiencing, he makes a rare choice to find what his heart is guiding him toward. When that guidance takes him into a new world of meeting a female guru from whom he feels the powerful energy of spiritual love, a new life story begins which he could never imagine. This is his story — filled with all the emotion and excitement of beginning a totally new way of life, and trusting its unknown journey."  

- Virginia Essene, author of the eBook, What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth, and ten books including New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity, Energy Blessings from the Stars, and Earth, the Cosmos and You.

"For once we receive a cosmic experience of a person's consciousness that is presented in a language that provides guidance to others who are on their paths to self- realization. This book is the beginning that brings new beginnings for learning to ask, seek, and knock at the Christ Consciousness level of our lives. It is the beginning to obtaining 'Eternal Life'."

- Reverend Dr. Thomas L. Brown, Pastor/CEO Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Indianapolis

"We can all learn from what Swamiji shares about his life, his many years with Sai Maa, and his spiritual transformation. His book shows us in a very personal and poignant way a spiritual path to taking charge of our own lives and creating a life we really want."

- Nancy Zapolski, PhD, Vice President—Program Delivery, Landmark Education                                                                                                               


"I have watched as Swamiji has walked what he writes in truth in this book. It is truly the grace of his guru that has birthed In the Path of Light with Maa. Swamiji embodies the grace of his guru, and the power of his words includes his in-the-world walk and his stepping into the divine empowerment that has carved out the extraordinary wisdom in these pages. Swamiji is a wise guide and his guidance works. His humanity and his divinity will open your heart and train (nourish?) your soul."

- Tantra Maat, Founder of METApoints, author of An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic

"The reality of enlightenment is far beyond any concept of western science, psychology or therapy. The authentic experience presented in this book is written in a way that this reality can touch the minds and hearts of people who are imprinted by growing up in the western culture. Beyond this, it gives a concept for the mind to relate to and a structure to work towards remembering this internal state."

                         - Herwig Schoen, Founder of Reconnective Therapy

"This book is a vital tool to understand and explore the real path of wisdom. Swamiji's journey under the divine guidance of Sai Maa inspires us to understand the purpose of our worldly life. Readers will be fascinated by the treasures of love and energy that unfold through spiritual discovery. As our ultimate mission in life is self-transformation to attain joy and bliss, I encourage all my brothers and sisters to experience these universal lessons."

- Suresh Ramburn, MBE, Mauritius

"I just finished The Path of Light With Maa and I want you to know what a sweet and moving book I found it to be. There are lots of reasons I love it but most of all because as I read it I felt closer to Maa! That is such a wonderful sense from reading a book. Her shakti flows in it. Your love for her shines through each word.

Reading the book fed my heart and soul. Mind, Soul and heart, they all need nurturance. But books that feed the heart and soul feel much more rare. I also appreciated that your book feels to me to be utterly without pretentiousness. As I read, it simply felt like the words surrounded me with spiritual growth. I am searching for words here but I am saying that each page felt as though it was filled with straight forward, simple, declarative sentences. Each sentence felt as though it pointed in a direction---toward Maa and enlightenment, love and awakening.

Thank you so much for writing and just being you."

Graham Campbell

"Just finished your book.  I see you in a totally new way.  Reverence.  Deep Wisdom.  Grateful that you shared your story.  I am going to apply what you wrote about relationships to mine with my husband. 

By sharing your experiences helps me see what in the world has been happening to me, gives me a new reference point, makes me see that I am not alone, puts words to my experiences. 

I am laughing and crying.  So amazing.  Thank you for choosing to fly with Maa."

Elizabeth Miketinac


"I LOVE your book!!!  It was very, very meaningful to me, and I am ready to re-read it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with all of us your great spirit, wisdom and love through your book."

Sarah Foley

"This book is amazing. I've been reading it slowly for a while now. I love that he includes a 'lesson's learned' and transformational practices based on each chapter. He also encourages people to email him in the book. After reading the first chapter, this is what I wrote to him: 'I started to read your book this morning. I am so grateful to you for writing this book. I had no idea you met Maa only 16 years ago. Wow! I have found myself thinking--if Swamiji can do it, I can do it. 'It' being embodying my full potential this lifetime, with Maa, no ifs ands or buts. I feel ready to jump, jumping inside, feeling that urgency. I've only read up to the first chapter, and I'm excited to read more. Your book is sitting on my Puja table right now. Thank you!' (and if you aren't familiar with the term--Puja Table is my meditation table, where I sit, light candles, meditate and contemplate)."

Rachel Simpson

"I have very much enjoyed reading your book and want to share one of many gifts I have taken from the book. For a few years now I have tried to simplify my life and get rid of "stuff"—and after finishing reading your book, to my surprise, I have found it much easier, actually pleasant. In the past I often would put something aside to give away or sell and then put it back a few days later.  Now I enjoy getting rid of stuff. Think this has something to do with detachment, which I wasn't working on consciously."

Joy Ibsen

"Beloved Swamiji, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and accompanying workbook. Your comment 'Be Light in Action' is a wonderful daily reminder of All That Is. Great Love and Blessings Always."

Bev Hobb

"Please receive my deepest gratitude for the sparkling enlightening contribution in my life. My very first thought when starting to read was I will have the book translated into Norwegian and published in Norway. I was more or less thrown out of my comfort zone when I started to read your book. A friend of my mine and I have started a group where we work honestly with the questions and topics in the workbook.

Dear Swami, it is also very comforting to read about enlightenment in the last part of your book. Then I really realized the steps I have walked and was able to love (at least appreciate) the experiences, and the heartfelt gratitude is far more than a word today.

I was in tears when reading about Becky's birth at Beth Israel Hospital in NY. I was deeply moved and highly surprised as I was just reading this while waiting for a friend  in a  hospital corridor. I have been to NY only once, and one reason to go there was to visit Beth Israel Hospital, Years ago I had read about the hospital in a periodical, and about the staff offering reiki treatments to patients and the benefits experienced.  Being a long-time reiki master and teacher, my curiosity arose, and in 2009  I went to visit the hospital.  Was it the hospital, was it Becky's birth that caused the tears?  To me it was the sensation of being connected ... in connection with, a moment of no separation, a blessed moment.

Reading further I was all of a sudden in an old foggy cave - feeling sorry for myself, victimhood showed up and projections on the table, and I stayed in the cave for a whole week!  I have not done so for years. I had to really work hard, look inwards, look at the patterns to get the fog to vanish. My old entities wanted so much to keep me down in the dark, until I opened up the workbook Inside Tips, and I asked myself who am I? New insights and clarity came with the list of my qualities, and a sudden remembrance of Sai Maa's expression to you dear Swami.  'You are not the emotions.' What a relief!  I laughed and laughed.

I would also love to say a few words about the way to use, to  read, to learn, to expand my consciousness with this book. I simply love the honest 'lessons learned' and 'practices for transformation' and 'questions for reflection'. This is love in action, so concrete, straight to my heart.

Dear Swami, I send you love and deep gratitude for this wonderful book - a wonderful tool for my sadhana."

Kari Holst

"Happy New Year, Swamiji! I wanted you to know that I have been deeply enjoying reading your book and have been using many of the Questions for Reflection and Practices for Transformation in anticipation and preparation of the New Year. Thank you! I love you!"
Andrea Steffens
"I haven't been in contact with you personally before yet I feel I know you well. My name is Aisling and I'm a student of Maa's from Ireland. I've been meaning to contact you for ages (maybe literally ages! I've heard so much about you and I was gifted your book at Christmas. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book. I couldn't put it down, for me it was like physically being with Maa and it couldn't have come at a better time.

I had to laugh at how Maa looks after me. The person who gave it to me also gave me a massive opportunity for growth, and your personal stories of growth helped me so much, especially the one where you went to visit some fellow students who left, thinking they sould let you in and they didn't. That story resonated with me big time and helped me cope with my own story. And would you believe you came to me in a dream and counselled me! Ya, thanks for that too. Oh, and it as fabulous to hear about your adventures of being with Maa, even now it brings me such joy to think about them.

So thank you for following your heart and writing the book. I think I'll be reading it again and again, and I'll see you in Denver with the grace of Maa."

Aisling Sugrue

"Sending this note also gives me the opportunity to let you know I love your book! You have certainly had a very FULL life! I appreciate the way the book is written, with a lesson and questions for practice and transition at the end of each chapter. As I read most books, I tend to fold back pages that have great meaning to me, so that I may return to them once I have completely read the book. Your book has doubled in size due to all of the turned back pages!! Thank you for sharing your journey of love and transformation. I feel closer to you and Maa after experiencing your journey through your written words."

Patricia Califano

“I finished your book in 2 days.....couldn't put it down. The thing that touched me most was I have been on this journey (cognitively) since the 60's and have wanted just to talk to someone and listen to their story. That is precisely what your book gave me. A simple story about all the steps and listening all the way to that part of you that knew what you needed and longed for. Your Soul. Pure and simple it was your story. So grateful for the sharing of it. Many blessings to you.”

Linda O’Connor

"In March I have done the Journey of Profound Healing with Maa in Belgium. This week really transformed my life! The last day of our journey I was blessed by listening to you reading the last chapter of your book.

I was instantly touched by its content and by your way of reading. Thus I bought the book and I have finished it yesterday. It is wonderful and I would like to thank you for sharing with us essential parts of your life. Your book is very authentic and my heart was touched many times by your open and daring words and tears welled in my eyes, particularly when you described your relationship with Becky. And I love your sense of humor! Perfect!

Your book encourages me to devote more of my time, more of me to my sadhana. And it serves me as a kind of textbook providing me with lots of practices and inputs for reflections. For me it is the right book at the right time!

I have already tried some of the practices you recommended and they work very well for me.

I wish you all the best and I send you my blessings."

Carsten Brinker

I know I’ve told you before, but I must again, your Transformation book has really been helping me.  I don’t think I had a clue before that transformation was REALLY TRANSFORMATION!  Complete opposite!  I think I was a dabbler in trying change, but really never tried transformation, complete change before.  I think most people are like that, that is why your book is so awesome.  You model this and talk about it so openly in your book and it helps a lot to see another do this AND SURVIVE HAPPILY!  It was hard at first because I felt so responsible for so much—my kids, even their kids, my parents and family (since so many worked for us also), our other employees and business….Well, since JPH, JPU and your book, I’m learning how to release these old patterns and not feel guilty for just renting out our family home, moving away (even tho it’s part-time for now!), allowing my young adult “kids” to move into more of their own responsibilities and life, and now 2 of them are helping run our business and taking over our responsibilities and paying us rent!  We’re trying things and changing them if they don’t work, where before Hari Bhai and I were trapped in fear of making mistakes.  Now that we’re finally moved and settled in, we’ve both been finding more time for exercise, yoga, meditation, we even bought a Vitamix and have been enjoying green smoothies!  Thank you so much for your example, Love and Light in my life!  I love you so much!

Andrea Steffens


Transformational coaching

"When I decided to do spiritual coaching with Swamiji my intention was deeper healing for myself and for direction in life, and this has become so much more than I could have ever imagined. The gratitude I feel for Swami is immense, not only has he helped me heal, but he has also helped my mother and husband as well, once I started coaching with him my family began with Swamiji too, and they have experienced so much positive change in their lives from this, its just been tremendous, and we are all closer as a family because of him and his help. I have an understanding about myself now that was not present before I coached with Swami, due to this inner awareness, it has created transformation to take place in all areas of my life. From this coaching and healing experience, I really feel like a kinder, more tolerant, loving being. I'm so grateful, thank you Swamiji."

Jen Camann

"Swami came into my life as a spiritual coach exactly when I was looking for a clear, loving, MAA-inspired guide to help me to move through major transformation in my life with clarity, and love. I have really appreciated his combination of clear practical direction and heart. Every time I talk to him, I am very aware of the tremendous amount of Light that fills me to help guide me along my way. I think this is what helps me the most. Because that Light, shining through the beauty of this beloved Being's personality, helps me to find my own answers, and yet feel totally held and in communion in the process. Thank you Swami. I love you."

Astrid Pujari, MD

''À travers son écoute, à travers ses questions pertinentes qu'il me pose,  Swamiji m'amène à chercher mes propres solutions à mes problèmes et m'invite dans tous les cas, à passer à l'action. Les solutions se trouvent dans l'action. Et ce travail transformationnel se fait toujours dans l'amour, la douceur et le respect.''

"Through his listening, the pertinent questions he asks, Swamiji leads me to find my own solutions to my problems, and invites me in all cases to take action.  The answers are found in action, and this transformational work is always done with love, gentleness and respect." (Translated from French)

Louise Arseneau

"Faire un coaching avec notre bien-aimé Swamiji, c'est se transformer instantanément dans l'action à l'aide d'outils simples et efficaces.  Swamiji m'a permis de voir plus clairement mes limites, les histoires que je me crée.  Grâce au coaching, aujourd'hui, je suis plus authentique dans l'expression de ma féminité.  Une découverte qui m'apporte plus de joie de vivre dans toutes mes activités.  Mon corps physique gagne en vitalité en l'aimant profondément et en ayant confiance en son auto-guérison.  Une meilleur écoute active me permet de m'exprimer plus à travers de mon coeur au lieu de ma tête seulement.  Et surtout, j'ai retrouvé l'enfant en moi que j'avais perdu il y a longtemps.  J'ai énormément de gratitude d'avoir Swamiji comme coach sur mon chemin vers une vie pleine et libre."  

"To be coached by Swamiji is to transform instantaneously in action supported by simple and effective tools. Swamiji allowed me to clearly see my limitations, stories that I create. Due to his coaching, I am more authentic today in expressing my femininity. A discovery that has brought me more joie-de-vivre in all my activities. My physical body has more vitality by my deeply loving it and trusting in self-healing. More active listening allows me to express myself more with my heart instead of only with my head. And certainly I have found again the child in me who I had lost for so long. I have enormous gratitude having Swamiji as my coach on my path toward a full and free life. (Translated from French)

Kristel de Cat


Transformational workshops

"What an enlightening, informative and empowering experience you provided in your workshop! The expansive exercises - and your debriefing - enhanced the learning and increased the insights. The power of the message, and your open, welcoming style of offering it, gave us a profound (and fun) learning opportunity. Your personal sharing added an enriching element to the course.  We eagerly anticipate your book - and the significant contribution it will make."

Marilyn Schoeman, author, "GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving the new levels of consciousness that The Transformation Journey is bringing into my life.  Every day I feel that another layer of separation I leaving, and feel the Ascension process has been speeded up dramatically by this increased connection with Source.  Thank you for your compassion and clear guidance. I enjoyed the course enormously and can't wait to do the next level. Thank you for putting together this amazing work."

Barbara Standiford

"Swamiji is such a pure channel for Maa's Shakti, just sitting in this circle was such a blessing. We were bathing in the Shakti the first night. The work of the weekend was simple, clear and powerful.  I feel it still working through me a week later, dissolving deep obstacles to mastery and light. Thank you, Swamiji."

Marija Grgurevic

"The practice of taking focused, decisive action is so very empowering coming from honest inquiry! Waves of pure energy have been washing me since sitting with Swamiji.  I am being open, receptive like I have never been before to thinking, feeling, and acting differently. Talk about transformation! The lessons Swamiji shared with such clarity of heart, continue rippling through my being, as I embrace and own these tools, these blockages that I have created, mastering my own transformation through breathing in deep inner stillness, and allowing Self to be fed by Self Love. Why wait for this? With Infinite gratitude, Dear Swamiji! Beloved Mataji, I thank you! Nothing can stop me now!"

Melissa Epple

"The 'action step' in Swamiji's workshop assisted me in making a series of decisions I have struggled to untangle for two and a half years.  I am thrilled to say I have released fear, am taking action, and experiencing delicious freedom.  I recommend this workshop to everyone."

Anana Integre

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