In the Path of Light
Swami Parameshwarananda


How I see the world:

  • The world is fast changing and there's no time to waste.
  • We're here to remember who we truly are and live our lives fully.
  • We're playing Hide and Go Seek, looking for someone or something outside ourselves, when everything is actually inside.
  • We're all creators and can reinvent ourselves and our lives in an instant.

What I'm committed to:

  • Your transformation, your evolution, your realization.
  • Your taking powerful actions right now.
  • Dramatic, tangible results where you know you're making a difference.
  • Your living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

How I can serve you:

  • Sharing what I've learned, so you don't have to take so long to realize what's important to you.
  • Being a guide who can lighten your load and ease your path.
  • Clarifying what's been unclear, so you make new decisions, take more powerful actions.
  • Providing a fresh perspective, different tools for transforming yourself in all domains of your life.


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