In The Path Of Light



“When I decided to do spiritual coaching with Swamiji my intention was deeper healing for myself and for direction in life, and this has become so much more than I could have ever imagined. The gratitude I feel for Swami is immense, not only has he helped me heal, but he has also helped my mother and husband as well, once I started coaching with him my family began with Swamiji too, and they have experienced so much positive change in their lives from this, its just been tremendous, and we are all closer as a family because of him and his help. I have an understanding about myself now that was not present before I coached with Swami, due to this inner awareness, it has created transformation to take place in all areas of my life. From this coaching and healing experience, I really feel like a kinder, more tolerant, loving being. I’m so grateful, thank you Swamiji.”

– Jen Camann
“Swami came into my life as a spiritual coach exactly when I was looking for a clear, loving, MAA-inspired guide to help me to move through major transformation in my life with clarity, and love. I have really appreciated his combination of clear practical direction and heart. Every time I talk to him, I am very aware of the tremendous amount of Light that fills me to help guide me along my way. I think this is what helps me the most. Because that Light, shining through the beauty of this beloved Being’s personality, helps me to find my own answers, and yet feel totally held and in communion in the process. Thank you Swami. I love you.”
– Astrid Pujari, MD

“À travers son écoute, à travers ses questions pertinentes qu’il me pose, Swamiji m’amène à chercher mes propres solutions à mes problèmes et m’invite dans tous les cas, à passer à l’action. Les solutions se trouvent dans l’action. Et ce travail transformationnel se fait toujours dans l’amour, la douceur et le respect.”

“Through his listening, the pertinent questions he asks, Swamiji leads me to find my own solutions to my problems, and invites me in all cases to take action. The answers are found in action, and this transformational work is always done with love, gentleness and respect.” (Translated from French)

– Louise Arseneau

“Faire un coaching avec notre bien-aimé Swamiji, c’est se transformer instantanément dans l’action à l’aide d’outils simples et efficaces. Swamiji m’a permis de voir plus clairement mes limites, les histoires que je me crée. Grâce au coaching, aujourd’hui, je suis plus authentique dans l’expression de ma féminité. Une découverte qui m’apporte plus de joie de vivre dans toutes mes activités. Mon corps physique gagne en vitalité en l’aimant profondément et en ayant confiance en son auto-guérison. Une meilleur écoute active me permet de m’exprimer plus à travers de mon coeur au lieu de ma tête seulement. Et surtout, j’ai retrouvé l’enfant en moi que j’avais perdu il y a longtemps. J’ai énormément de gratitude d’avoir Swamiji comme coach sur mon chemin vers une vie pleine et libre.”

“To be coached by Swamiji is to transform instantaneously in action supported by simple and effective tools. Swamiji allowed me to clearly see my limitations, stories that I create. Due to his coaching, I am more authentic today in expressing my femininity. A discovery that has brought me more joie-de-vivre in all my activities. My physical body has more vitality by my deeply loving it and trusting in self-healing. More active listening allows me to express myself more with my heart instead of only with my head. And certainly I have found again the child in me who I had lost for so long. I have enormous gratitude having Swamiji as my coach on my path toward a full and free life. (Translated from French)

– Kristel de Cat

“What an enlightening, informative and empowering experience you provided in your workshop! The expansive exercises – and your debriefing – enhanced the learning and increased the insights. The power of the message, and your open, welcoming style of offering it, gave us a profound (and fun) learning opportunity. Your personal sharing added an enriching element to the course. We eagerly anticipate your book – and the significant contribution it will make.

– Marilyn Schoeman, author, “GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen”
“I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving the new levels of consciousness that The Transformation Journey is bringing into my life. Every day I feel that another layer of separation I leaving, and feel the Ascension process has been speeded up dramatically by this increased connection with Source. Thank you for your compassion and clear guidance. I enjoyed the course enormously and can’t wait to do the next level. Thank you for putting together this amazing work.”
– Barbara Standiford
“Swamiji is such a pure channel for Maa’s Shakti, just sitting in this circle was such a blessing. We were bathing in the Shakti the first night. The work of the weekend was simple, clear and powerful. I feel it still working through me a week later, dissolving deep obstacles to mastery and light. Thank you, Swamiji.”
– Marija Grgurevic
“The practice of taking focused, decisive action is so very empowering coming from honest inquiry! Waves of pure energy have been washing me since sitting with Swamiji. I am being open, receptive like I have never been before to thinking, feeling, and acting differently. Talk about transformation! The lessons Swamiji shared with such clarity of heart, continue rippling through my being, as I embrace and own these tools, these blockages that I have created, mastering my own transformation through breathing in deep inner stillness, and allowing Self to be fed by Self Love. Why wait for this? With Infinite gratitude, Dear Swamiji! Beloved Mataji, I thank you! Nothing can stop me now!”
– Melissa Epple
“The ‘action step’ in Swamiji’s workshop assisted me in making a series of decisions I have struggled to untangle for two and a half years. I am thrilled to say I have released fear, am taking action, and experiencing delicious freedom. I recommend this workshop to everyone.”
– Anana Integre